New Sgt. Pspsps cat skin in MW2 & Warzone 2 divides CoD community: “This can’t be real”

Jake Nichols
Sgt. Pspsps invades Call of Duty

Armed with whiskers and weapons, ‘Sgt. Pspsps’, the new cat-themed operator skin in the ‘Whisker Tango’ bundle, has divided the Call of Duty community.

The release of the Whisker Tango bundle, costing 2,400 CoD points (equivalent to $20), seemed harmless enough. It came with a trove of cat-themed goodies, including feline operators, kitty-inspired weapon blueprints, stickers, a vinyl, an emblem, and even a new vehicle skin.

But it was the Sgt. Pspsps Operator skin, turning players into a combat-ready cat, that clawed its way into the spotlight. The reaction to the feline soldier in a game that has traditionally stayed within the bounds of military realism has left the community in two camps.

Players took to social media to voice their views, resulting in a litter box of opinions. Some are basking in the situation’s absurdity, embracing the new bundle’s playful side.

One Reddit user posted a video titled “Laser Cats!” showing Sgt. Pspsps decimating enemies with laser eyes, a controversial feature recently introduced through a crossover with Amazon’s The Boys.

Comments like “Cats when you don’t feed them on time” and “The kitty got sick of chasing the laser” reveal a portion of the community finding humor amidst the feline chaos.

However, not all CoD fans are tickled by the cat transformation. Some are openly critical of the game’s perceived diversion from its roots. Comments like “This can’t be real,” “Wtf is happening to this game lmaoo,” and “I can’t believe this is what COD has become” reflect a sense of bewilderment and frustration among some players.

One fan even expressed their conflict, admitting an adoration for cats but a reluctance to witness the feline operator’s potential in-game demise.

The news has also sparked discussions about the value of the new additions, particularly in light of the steep price tag.

The full feline fantasy, with laser eyes to boot, requires purchasing not just the Whisker Tango bundle but also The Boys x MW2 crossover bundle, costing a total of 4,800 CoD points or approximately $40.

Despite the humorous novelty of laser-wielding cats, some fans question the wisdom of such an investment, with one player stating, “in what world is a skin worth 40 dollars?”

Who knows what’s next for Call of Duty? Until then, expect Sgt. Pspsps to dominate the battlefield, one laser beam at a time.

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