Modern Warfare 3 players desperate for more “realistic” weapon skins

Shay Robson
MW3 players demand additional countermeasures for rampant cheaters

Modern Warfare 3 players are demanding more realistic weapon skins as the devs continue to release “outlandish” skins.

Whether it be obtaining them through the in-game Store, the Battle Pass, Blackcell, or just simply completing challenges, there is an absolute ton of cosmetics in Call of Duty today.

However, players are desperate for more “realistic” skins to kit out their arsenal with in Modern Warfare 3, instead of the “outlandish” designs released recently.

MW3 players call for more “realistic” skins

In a Reddit thread on January 22, one player kicked off a discussion as they called on the devs to release more realistic and military-esque skins for their weapons.

“There literally ZERO military-inspired skins in the store right now,” the player wrote. “Look, I’m not gonna say get rid of the outlandish skins, because obviously people like them.

“However, is it too much to ask to make at least a handful of more realistic-looking ones for the people who prefer those? I loved that MW19 had skins inspired by real-world military and police forces. Where did that go?”

They added: “We’ve come a long way from the grounded looking shooter Call of Duty was for most of the franchise’s existence. And that’s fine. But throw the people who don’t like the fantastical skins a bone too once in a while.”

While undoubtedly players are thrilled to be able to design their loadout to their choosing In the past, we’ve seen certain cosmetics such as the BlackCell Io operator skin be labeled “pay-to-lose.”

On the other hand, some have seen the opposite treatment, where in some cases they can add a bit of an advantage to players. With that said, we’ll just have to wait and see whether or not the devs take this feedback from the community into consideration.

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