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New Lovesac x Black Ops 4 promo includes CoD points, merchandise, and in-game items

Published: 24/Sep/2018 23:12 Updated: 24/Sep/2018 23:17

by Albert Petrosyan


Popular furniture retailer Lovesac have partnered up with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for a promotion that will give customers a hefty amount of CoD points, Black Ops 4 themed merchandise, and in-game items.

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Lovesac’s signature product are the Sacs, which are large beanbags filled with a special foamy mixture that serves as a comfortable seating option.

Currently on their website, there are four Sac bundles that are part of Lovesac’s promotion with the upcoming Black Ops 4 title.

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Each bundle includes a Sac with a Digicam/Black Cut Phur reversible cover, 9,500 CoD points for either PS4 or Xbox One, a Digicamo backpack, and exclusive in-game content. 


The only difference between each bundles is the type of Sac that comes with it; the first two bundles include different versions of the Supersac, and the next two for the Moviesac.

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The prices for these bundles range from $625 all the way to $1210. The four bundles, along with their respective prices, can be seen below.

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Lovesac also posted a video for the promotion on their Instagram page, and it appears they have partnered with content creator ‘KenZ,’ who displayed her new Black Ops 4 Lovesac bundle on her own Instagram. 

Instagram: kenzliee

As of now, the exclusive in-game content that comes with the bundle has not been revealed, and it is not clear until when this promotion will be live.


For more details about the promotion, and all of the Sac bundles that are part of it, visit the Lovesac x Black Ops 4 page here.