New JAK Wardens kit is MW3’s best shotgun and it’s not even close

Kurt Perry
JAK Wardens conversion kit on Afghan in MW3.

The JAK Wardens kit was added in Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 Reloaded and the new Aftermarket Part is by far the best shotgun to use in multiplayer.

Shotguns in Modern Warfare 3 are niche weapons that typically only see use on small maps like Shipment and Das Haus. The increased health in this year’s game pushed Sledgehammer to limit their one-shot potential making them nowhere near as potent as in years gone by.

That is until Season 3 Reloaded introduced the JAK Wardens conversion kit for the Mk.2 Lockwood. This new Aftermarket Part transforms the MW2 marksman rifle into a set of Akimbo Model 1887s. These iconic lever-action shotguns were infamously powerful in the original Modern Warfare 2.

Now they have returned and are just as strong as ever. They might be even better as the JAK Wardens have an effective two-shot kill range of almost 30 meters. As these are Akimbo, you can fire two shots at once making this an instant kill.

To put that into perspective, the original Model 1887s that terrorized multiplayer had an effective range of 15 meters. They were a secondary weapon and easier to use than the JAK Wardens, but in terms of sheer range, the new Aftermarket Part completely outclasses its iconic predecessor.

Lockwood Mk2 with JAK Wardens conversion kit equipped in MW3.

Here’s the best Lockwood Mk2 loadout to use to make the most out of the JAK Wardens kit:

  • Conversion Kit: JAK Wardens
  • Muzzle: Crown Breaker Choke
  • Laser: Verdant Hook Cylindrical Laser

There are only five attachment slots available on the Lockwood Mk2 when the JAK Wardens kit is equipped: Conversion Kit, Muzzle, Laser, Optic, and Ammunition.

Of these, only the three listed are worth using. All the ammunition attachments make the shotgun less powerful while optics are useless as you can’t ADS with an Akimbo weapon. Although, equipping two huge sniper scopes is sure to get some reactions out of enemies on the receiving end.

To unlock the new JAK Wardens Aftermarket Part you’ll need to complete any five weekly challenges from Season 3, Week 5. These can be done across multiplayer, Warzone, and Zombies.

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