Modern Warfare 3 players split over JAK Thumper Aftermarket Part that is a “pain” to unlock

Connor Bennett
RGL-80 grenade launcher being inspected in MW3 Season 3 Reloaded.

Modern Warfare 3 players have already slammed the new JAK Thumper Aftermarket Part for the RGL-80 Grenade Launcher as it’s pretty ‘useless’ despite how long it takes to unlock. 

When Modern Warfare 3 first launched, Call of Duty fans were treated to yet another couple of changes for Create-A-Class and Weapon Tuning with the addition of Aftermarket Parts and Armory unlocks. 

The Aftermarket Parts have proven the most popular, as the new attachments allow players to tinker with weapons like never before. However, things got off to a rocky start with a number of them being deemed to be “pointless” and offering little benefit to being used

However, a few of the newer Aftermarket Parts have created issues for the devs when it comes to balancing, as they’ve been overpowered. There were fears that the JAK Thumper-565 kit for the RGL-80 launcher would fall into that group, but fans aren’t sold on it just yet – especially given just how tough the challenges to unlock it are.

“Wait till you find out how bad the AMP is. All that pain for nothing,” said Redditor ACleverNameHere, responding to another who claimed they went through a “crisis” to unlock the Aftermarket Part.

Others have claimed that the JAK Thumper kit is “bugged” and they can’t use it anyway. “I just equipped it it’s not bugged, it is complete ass though,” said another. “It’s not bugged but it’s pretty ass tbh.”

The new Aftermarket Part allows the launcher to fire three different types of ammo: 40mm Slug, 40mm Sticky, and 40mm Drill Charges. Though, as mentioned, there are some big hurdles to navigate if you want to use it.  

Some players have found joy in using it, despite the complaints. “ Slugs are the most fun I’ve had since pre-nerf models,” one argued. “The slugs are dumb fun to play around with in MP,” another commented. 

Obviously, if the attachment is proving to be too much of a headache, then the devs will step in before long. But, for now, it seems a bit of fun.