How to open loot vaults in Fortnite Season 2

Loot vault at The Shark in FortniteEpic Games

Epic Games have taken a leaf out of Apex Legends‘ playbook in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 by adding vaults, meaning that players can now access stashes of loot if they know how to open them. This guide will show you how to do just that.

The v12.00 update, which was released on February 20, has very much shuffled the pack once again in the popular battle royale game, bringing an end to what was the longest season fans have ever had to endure.

Along with a number of map changes, developers have decided to add new loot zones – or vaults – that store a number of Fortnite‘s rarest weapons and items. If you want to know how to get inside them, well, you’ve come to the right place.

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The Shark in FortniteEpic Games
There are a number of new locations to explore in Fortnite Season 2, including The Shark.

Those who regularly drop from the Battle Bus might have noticed already that there are some new locations to explore and a few of these have vaults located there – but we’re going to show you how to do it at The Shark for now. Once you have done it once, it’s pretty much the same at each location, with different NPCs protecting them.

Opening loot vaults in Fortnite

The Shark is a location based in the far northwest quadrant of the map and is an island standing alone by itself. There, you will find a brand new building to explore, but if you want to enter the vault, follow these few steps:

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  1. Drop from the Battle Bus at The Shark (or another vault location).
  2. From there, have a search around looking for a character called Skye. She’s actually an NPC.
  3. Once you have found her (image below), fire at her until she has been eliminated.
  4. She will drop an unlimited Grappler, Mythic Scar, and an Agency Keycard.
  5. Pick up the Agency Keycard and locate the vault.
  6. Shoot down the laser that protects the vault.
  7. Use the card to enter the vault and take the loot inside.

Each NPC will drop different weapons, so it would be good to try to visit all of these vault locations at some stage. Vaults can be found here, but also at The Yacht, The Agency, The Grotto, and The Rig.

Fortnite's Yacht from Chapter 2, Season 2.Epic Games
Players can land onboard The Yacht in Fortnite Season 2, as well as a few other new spots.

What does Skye look like in Fortnite Season 2?

Another thing you may be wondering, in your search for the vault keycard at The Shark, is what does Skye actually look like? It would be a fair question as well, because she has never been seen in Fortnite before Season 2 and clearly she’s dropping some game-changing items.

Well, below you can see the aesthetic of the Skye character, and she can be found – as mentioned in the list – at The Shark point of interest. Other characters found protecting vaults are those announced with the Battle Pass, so they should be familiar with a lot of players already.

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Epic Games
Skye is also a bonus content skin that Battle Pass owners can eventually unlock, too.

Loot vault locations in Fortnite Season 2

Another thing you may be wondering is where to find the loot vaults, so let’s make that easier for you as well.

One loot vault can be found on the same island, The Shark, although there are a few of these vaults dotted around the map – protected by NPC agents. These agents will attack you once alarmed, so watch out for that.

You will have to deal with them, as well as enemy players, at each of the following locations if you want to get inside a vault, and use the new Shakedown feature to search them for Keycards when knocked.

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Loot vaults on Fortnite mapEpic Games
There are five loot vaults in Fortnite Season 2, at The Shark, The Yacht, The Agency, The Grotto and The Rig.

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Once you’ve found a vault, you will notice that there’s a laser protecting it from players, which you will have to shoot down. Once this has been done, simply approach the vault, open it up using the Agency Keycard, and take what’s inside.

Now you know what you know, hopefully, you can start off your Fortnite Battle Royale games with some additional rare loot and grab yourself even more Victory Royales as a result. The loot from the vault will definitely give you a head start in matches!