Diehard CoD fans are “demoralized” and losing interest in MW3

John Esposito
Diehard CoD fans are "demoralized" and losing interest in MW3Activision

MW3 players reflect on the state of the game and how it’s “demoralized” them from wanting to play anymore.

MW3 is the latest CoD title to bring the fast-paced FPS action to players worldwide. This year’s entry is a little different since its 16 launch maps all come from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, and it’s the first modern-era title to feature a Zombies mode.

There’s a lot to experience aside from the usual formula fans have grown accustomed to. However, not every feature has landed well with players, with some in-game systems killing player enjoyment.

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MW3 players have grown tired of the current state of the game, and have taken to the forums to express how they feel.

CoD players reflect on the state of MW3

If you’ve followed MW3 since its launch or played it, you very well know what fan ire has targeted. Rampant claims of SBMM, MWZ’s lack of crash protection, and the tale as old as time — Warzone infested with cheaters — are just a few recurring criticisms.

Taking to the ModernWarfareIII Reddit, RockStarCorgi reiterated all of these complaints. They went on to add: “I like the game, and I want to have fun and be optimistic, but I just end up feeling defeated.”

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While posts like these seem to be a dime a dozen, many of these points are common feelings shared by fans. Speaking on MWZ’s crashing, one player commented: “I gave up with zombies last night. I think collectively my squad of three “disconnected from host” or crashed at least 7 times.”

“For the past 4 years, every cod has been fun yet ruined by the fact that they end up being more frustrating than fun,” another reflected. RockStarCorgi ended their post with a rather somber: “I guess I’ll have to wait for a year before they decide to patch up the problems.”

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Time will tell if Sledgehammer can flesh out the issues plaguing MW3, so stay tuned as the journey continues.

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