MW3 Zombies players praise Exfil enemy improvements for Season 1

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MW3 Season 1 and Season 1 Reloaded will introduce some noteworthy changes to Zombies’ Exfil enemies that players are already applauding.

Thus far, players seem split on Zombies Mode’s first introduction into the Modern Warfare experience. Some like the new take on the classic Call of Duty mode; meanwhile, others have labeled it a bore fest filled with generic gameplay elements.

Either way, Zombies developer Treyarch remains hard at work on ironing out the kinks. And it appears as though a few major changes will hit the mode in Modern Warfare 3 Season 1.

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According to CoD-dedicated content creators, the mode’s Exfil experience will soon enjoy drastic improvements.

MW3 Zombies’ Exfil is getting more enemy types in Season 1

The Exfil experience for Zombies will ramp up with the imminent rollout of Modern Warfare 3’s first season. Content creator MrDalekJD revealed as much on social media, saying that in speaking with Treyarch developers on a call, he learned that more “formidable enemies” will spawn at Exfils in the upcoming season.

In addition, Exfils across all zones will start spawning an increased number of enemies. Moreover, players navigating the Final Exfil can expect to encounter a higher number of enemies in addition to new enemy types.

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Treyarch’s community-dedicated account, TreyarchCM, clarified a couple of things in MrDalekJD’s replies, noting that the more formidable foes will fill out all of Zombies’ Exfil zones at the start of MW3 Season 1. However, the increased enemy spawns and Final Exfil-related changes will arrive in-season.

Players are already shouting the studio’s praises for such adjustments. Lots of ‘W’ comments fill the replies, for example. Someone else chimed in with, “Fantastic, this game mode is great and is going to get better, apart from the servers!!!!!”

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Another user responded to the Treyarch reply, saying, “…making final exfil worth a visit, with some serious risk, is a massive improvement. [This is] exactly what I was hoping would happen.”

MW3 Zombies players can start getting their hands on these updates when Season 1 goes live on Wednesday, December 6.

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