MW3 players fed up with “fundamentally broken” spawns

Shane Black
MW3 soldier holding a gun and speaking into radio

MW3 players are letting Activision have it over the spawn system in the game, which they see as being utterly broken.

Despite the multiplayer mode being well-received by fans, MW3 has been dealing with its fair share of issues.

Fans of the game have been quite vocal about asking for things to be changed, like gun balancing, game modes, and more.

Now, some fans have had it with Modern Warfare 3’s spawn system, taking to social media to vent their frustrations.

MW3 players are blasting devs over broken spawns

Over on the MW3 subreddit, a player posted about the issues they’re having with the game, calling the spawns “fundamentally broken.”

Specifically, they are referring to spawns in the Hardpoint game mode, saying: “It’s funny, because before season 1, I made a post about the same issue, and I can literally just copy-past the text because it still holds true.”

As they mention, this is an issue that the game – and the fans – have been struggling with since MW3 first launched.

The responses in the comments haven’t been any kinder, with one user saying, “That’s what happens when the game is made by morons. You can’t use algorithms to do everything when you don’t understand the algorithms.”

While this post is just referring to Hardpoint, the spawn system has been criticized across the board for just about every game mode.

It’s become such a hot-button issue that Sledgehammer Games had to make a post to address it.

Given the track record of spawn-related troubles in every Call of Duty game, players don’t seem to be too hopeful that MW3 can prove to be any different.