MW3 players demand “ridiculous” weapon gets Hardcore mode ban

Shane Black
MW3 grenade launcher

The MW3 community is calling for the grenade launcher to be removed from all Hardcore playlists, due to how damaging it is.

The RGL-80 grenade launcher in MW3 has been somewhat of a sticky subject for many players in the community, with many viewing it as too weak to be serviceable in the game’s normal multiplayer.

However, while it has been relatively weak in the usual modes, Hardcore players are seeing it become the meta in the damage-boosted game type.

This is resulting in the MW3 community calling for it to be banned from Hardcore playlists entirely to make the experience more fun.

MW3 fans demand grenade launcher ban in Hardcore modes

The argument is being made on the MW3 subreddit, where a post was made decrying how the grenade launcher is ruining the Hardcore game modes.

“Seriously, the worst addition to this game was the grenade launcher. It’s weak in Reg. Core and ridiculous in Hardcore. Anyone else feel like Grenade launchers should be banned in Hardcore mode?”

Largely, the other players agree with this sentiment, as many are fed up with how dominating the weapon has become in the game modes.

“Every single HC S&D round starts with at least one person on both sides spamming the grenade launcher. So annoying.”

Hardcore is a game mode that has been in CoD forever, seeing the game remove the mini-map and bump up the damage to give a more competitive feel.

However, it seems that MW3’s Hardcore modes are under some intense scrutiny because of this powerful weapon.

“Hardcore really should be JUST gunplay. No grenade launchers and even killstreaks tbh.”

It is made even worse when the community remembers the weapon was once a killstreak in previous titles, making it more of an earned reward than an easy-to-get norm.

“Dude, the fact that they took that P.O.S. from being a killstreak to just giving it to CoD players for nothing…purely insanity.”

It looks like for many Hardcore MW3 players, the grenade launcher users are the villains at the moment.