MW3 pistol dominates with “crazy” TTK in Warzone but there’s a catch

Connor Bennett
Green WSP pistol in Warzone on Urzikstan map

Warzone expert WhosImmortal has highlighted a Modern Warfare 3 pistol with a “crazy” TTK that matches the pre-nerf Renetti now that the sidearm has finally been tweaked. 

Over the last few weeks, it’s been impossible to play a game of Warzone without running into someone who was using the Renetti pistols. The sidearm had such a broken TTK that it was outgunning some of the best SMGs in the game. 

Well, the Warzone devs finally rectified things on April 10, rolling out an update to nerf the Renetti and brought its TTK back down to earth. 

As a result, players have been trying to find alternatives, and Warzone guru WhosImmortal has another handgun that matches the TTK of the Renetti before it was nerfed, but it does come with a bit of an asterisk. 

The weapon in question? Well, that would be the WSP Stinger, and that asterisk? That would be the fact you have to run it in an Akimbo loadout. 

“The WSP Stinger, especially when you add the Akimbo attachment on it, kind of goes crazy. In the close range, up to about 17 meters – which is about the max where you’d be using an Akimbo weapon anyways – the WSP Stinger Akimbo can actually be really, really close to that Renetti TTK,” the YouTuber said, noting that the Akimbo setup means you are “gambling” on accuracy. 

“Using an Akimbo, even when we max out accuracy, you’re not going to hit every shot like you would if you were simply ADS’ing a weapon. So, while this TTK on paper is super, super close, it is going to be a lot more of a gamble.”

  • Barrel: Pestilence-12 short 
  • Laser: XTEN Sidearm-L400
  • Ammunition: 9mm Hollowpoint
  • Magazine: 32 round mag
  • Rear Grip: Akimbo WSP Stinger

Timestamp of 2:45

WhosImmortal also noted that the COR-45 – which recently got some shine from fellow Warzone expert IceManIsaac – could be another viable option with its conversion kit. 

However, sidearms are still being overlooked in favor of loadouts that include Overkill, so that players can run two primary weapons. Yet, the pistols are clearly packing a massive punch, so they’re worth using.

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