“Busted” Warzone gun has crazy TTK but there’s a big catch

Connor Bennett
Blue WSP Stinger gun in Warzone above Urzikstan map

There is a sidearm in Warzone that has a “busted” TTK, but it comes with a pretty big catch that’ll make things different for every player. 

For most Warzone players, building a loadout involves using Overkill so that you can have two primary weapons. This typically consists of an assault rifle, LMG, or SMG being paired with a sniper or one of the other weapon types. Yet, pistols and handguns have proven to be solid too.

In fact, some pistols have been pretty broken in Warzone at times. The COR-45 is currently the biggest example of this, but it isn’t the only pistol that can rip through enemies in no time at all. 

According to Warzone guru WhosImmortal, the WSP Stinger is also pretty “busted” but it comes with a pretty big caveat – it won’t act the same for every player thanks to a certain attachment. Yes, that would be the akimbo set-up. 

“On paper, it’s crazy, crazy busted. In-game, it’s going to translate a lot more to your RNG. It’s the akimbo WSP Stinger. Akimbo obviously means hipfire and that’s not 100% accurate,” the YouTuber noted in his May 12 video. 

“The TTK is going to vary here but up-close this thing is nuts. At 11 meters, it has got a 520 ms TTK which is the best available there – for pistols, for SMGs, you name it.” 

  • Muzzle: Breacher Device
  • Barrel: HISS Short Light Barrel
  • Laser: XTEN Sidearm-L400
  • Magazine: 32-round mag
  • Rear Grip: Akimbo WSP Stinger

Timestamp of 7:10

To counter-act the windward accuracy of the akimbo, your best bet is to really get up close and personal with your foes. There, as WhosImmortal adds, you won’t have to worry all that much about the RNG and bounce. 

As per WZRanked stats, the Stinger has fallen off a fair bit when it comes to being used in the battle royale, but this should see that change. But, if it isn’t for you, then there is always the Pulemyot 762 as that is creeping back into the thinking again.

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