Renetti finally hit with massive nerf after destroying Warzone lobbies

Shane Black
The JAK Ferocity Carbine Kit aftermarket part fitted to the Renetti pistol in MW3.

The Renetti has been dominating the Warzone meta for a few weeks, and now, the devs have rolled out a nerf for the weapon to bring it back down to earth.

When using the right attachments, the Renetti became one of the best weapons to have in Warzone, shredding apart lobbies and causing a lot of ire in the community.

Because of this, fans have been demanding a nerf to the gun to bring more balance to matches.

While initially upset by the lack of a nerf in the last patch, Warzone players can now rejoice as the devs have pushed the nerf out to everyone.

Here is the breakdown on what is changing for the Renetti:

  • JAK Ferocity Carbine Kit
    • Max Damage decreased to 28, down from 36.
    • Min Damage decreased to 24, down from 28.
    • Max Damage Range decreased to 12.44 meters, down from 17.52.
    • Lower Torso Multiplier increased to 1.1x, up from 1.
    • Arms and Hand Multiplier increased to 1.1x, up from 1.

Overall, the nerf is decreasing the damage that the Renetti can do when equipped with the JAK Ferocity Carbine kit. This is a big change, as this damage output was a major issue that the Warzone community had with the gun.

Of course, there is a small bump to its multiplier with Lower Torso, Arms, and Hand. However, this boost seems to be small enough to not have too much of an impact on the moment-to-moment gameplay.

Hopefully, this nerf will be enough for the community to feel like the Renetti can no longer dominate the meta as it was before.

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