MW3 players praise Aim Sway change as “W” for MnK players

Shane Black
MW3 character aiming down their sights

MW3 players are very happy with the change to Aim Sway that came with Season 2 for its benefits for MnK players.

MW3 has had some issues since its launch concerning aim assist and the difficulties it gave MnK players.

And recently, the update marking the release of Season 2 has made some changes to the Aim Sway of weapons in the game.

This change has given a big boost to MnK users, and the MW3 community is thrilled by it.

MW3 players love the Aim Sway changes for MnK players

A video was posted to the MW3 subreddit to show off the changes that have been implemented for Aim Sway.

A character is shown aiming down their sights before the update, and then after the update to see how much more stable it is.

The community is clearly thrilled by this change, with the top comment in the thread claiming: “Big W, SHG. Finally some love for MnK.”

They are quick to explain why this is such a big deal for MW3 when a fan is confused as to its impact:

“Before when you aimed in you’d be scoped in at a random point of the idle sway animation, it wasn’t always the center of your screen. After, it aims in right at the center dot way more consistently. Great change.”

One user is even willing to go so far as to say that this is the “best update” the game has received yet.

Even better, this change is for all weapons in the game, excluding snipers.

The devs have earned quite a bit of points with the MW3 players and has created some good will moving into a new season.

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