MW3 players quitting game after progression bug fix leaves servers a mess

Shane Black
MW3 soldiers on in a destroyed environment

The MW3 community has begun leaving the game in droves after the servers have been a mess ever since a fix to a progression bug was implemented.

MW3 had a rough few days last week as a bug appeared that reset players progression in ranks, battle passes, events, and more.

The devs hoped to calm everything down after they rolled out a fix, and even threw in an extended Double XP weekend as compensation.

However, things seem to be getting worse as fans report the servers have been terrible since the fix was released. Now, many of these players are leaving the game altogether.

MW3 fans are leaving because of the servers

A clip was shared to the MW3 subreddit with a simple title of: “I’m done…”

The clip itself shows the player getting the drop on their enemy and having their shots lined up almost perfectly. However, the hit detection is almost non-existent, and instead of claiming the easy kill, they end up being bested by their opponent.

Responses from the community share in their frustration, as many fans feel there is something wrong with the servers and net code.

Said one person, “I stopped playing tonight because of this issue. Maybe it’s my service provider, maybe it’s the game, but it makes it frustrating. Everything was fine this afternoon.”

It seems that many MW3 players have been experiencing this problem ever since the fix for the recent progression bug was deployed.

However, this is clearly the final nail in the coffin for a lot of players who have been struggling with the game for a while.

Reads one such comment, “After today I’m gonna leave the game for a while. The game has massive wallhackers and aimbots (or scripting even on console). I’m done. Gave it a try for years…”

Some are even pointing to other games that they recommend instead of playing MW3:

“I’ve been playing a lot more BF2042 lately and remembering why I love Battlefield games… I’ve even started playing old… games like PUBG. Just anything to replace COD.”

The MW3 community is evidently fed up with the game, and it’s going to take something big from the devs to get them coming back.

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