Nadeshot demands COD devs fix “terrible” anti-cheat as hackers plague MW3 & Warzone

Eliana Bollati
Nadeshot in Twitch stream

Former Call of Duty pro turned 100 Thieves founder Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag has called for the devs to address the game’s problems with cheaters and server tick ahead of the 2024 sequel reveal.

Call of Duty’s 2024 reveal is set for later this year, and there’s been plenty of rumors swirling ahead of any official announcements. However, not everyone is talking about what’s on the cards for the next CoD. Some fans are instead talking about what’s going wrong with the game, currently.

There’s no denying both Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 have a cheat problem. There’s been complaints about aim-bots, wallhacks, and all manner of wild exploits in recent months. And these aren’t entirely new problems either. CoD’s faced a cheating problem for quite some time now, despite the developer’s attempts to find a solution in RICOCHET.

Now, retired Call of Duty pro, Nadeshot has thrown his voice behind the community, urging the devs to fix what he refers to as the series’ most “glaring issues” before CoD’s 2024 reveal.

While the former pro began his comment with, “Call of Duty, I love you,” and praised elements of the game. He still had a clear message for the developers.

“Ricochet is absolutely terrible and regardless of data shared with the community, it’s not working.” He said. “Ranked MW3 is plagued with cheaters and I don’t even want to know what Resurgence looks like.”

The comments echoed sentiments widely shared by players on social media in recent months about cheaters making the game near unplayable.

“Fix anti-cheat,” he said, “this should be the biggest priority you have internally.”  But Nadeshot didn’t stop there.

Nadeshot in the latest 100 Thieves Cast
Nadeshot urged devs to address Call of Duty’s cheating problem before the 2024 reveal.

“Then invest in higher tick rate servers,” he continued. Claiming that while this might not be a core issue for the casual playerbase, it would be a drastic improvement for the game overall in terms of “future titles and player engagement.”

Nadeshot’s comments resonated strongly with the community at large, with hundreds of players chiming in to agree.

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