MW2 YouTuber maxes out every sniper rifle to give best class loadout

Charlie INTEL

Modern Warfare 2 YouTuber Stodeh maxed out every Sniper Rifle, and the LA-B 330 stood out as his favorite. Here’s why you should give the underrated sniper a try for yourself.

If you are familiar with Battlefield content, you have probably seen clips of Stodeh pulling off amazing sniping montages. The YouTuber knows his way around a Sniper better than most, and his skills translated perfectly to CoD.

Stodeh dominated Warzone amid Battlefield’s well-documented decline, and Modern Warfare 2 provides a brand new stomping ground. MW2 features four Sniper Rifles at launch, and five 32v32 maps, which are perfect for long-range engagements.

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After testing every Sniper Rifle, Stodeh explained why the LA-B 330 is his favorite and how it excels in Ground War specifically.

Modern Warfare 2 sniper gameplayActivision
Are snipers overpowered in Modern Warfare 2? Stodeh posed the question in his latest YouTube video.

Stodeh maxes every Sniper in Modern Warfare 2

Stodeh claimed to reach the max level on every Sniper Rifle in around 20 hours of gameplay. He believes the LAB-330 is the best sniping option and his loadout “maximizes one-shot kills anywhere on the body consistently across all ranges.”

Players unlock the LA-B 330 by reaching Level 18 on the SA-B under the Bryson 800 Series Platform.

While designing the best possible loadout, he focused on maintaining a high fire rate, fast aim down sight speed, a clean scope, and fast velocity.

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Here is the full loadout 

Barrell: 23.5″ Fluted R-67 

Lazer: FSS OLE-V Lazer

Optic: SZ Bulleyes Optic 

Stock: ZLR T70 Pad Extension

Comb: Aim-Assist 406

Stodeh opted against using a suppressor because red dots don’t show on the mini-map unless there is a UAV up. 

“All the snipers in this game are ridiculously strong, especially in the large-scale maps.”

Give this loadout a try for yourself in Ground War and eventually in Warzone 2 for optimal sniping performances.