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MuTeX explodes at CoD “nerds” after being booted from Dallas Empire

Published: 26/Nov/2019 0:21

by Brad Norton


Call of Duty professional Charlie ‘MuTeX’ Saouma has been formally dropped from the Dallas Empire roster, and proceeded to unload a heated tirade in his first Twitch stream following the news.

Following a controversial outburst on stream where MuTeX unleashed a flurry of offensive language towards a teammate, the pro was dropped from Dallas Empire’s franchise CDL roster on November 25.

Despite being immediately apologetic for his actions, stating that “it was a joke… a very, very bad joke,” he adopted a drastically different tone when settling into his first broadcast since his removal from the Call of Duty League.


Discussing his removal from the team, MuTeX attempted to persuade the Call of Duty community that the Dallas Empire lost an extremely valuable asset.

“It sucks I couldn’t have made you guys the best [Search and Destroy] team in the world, potentially the best team in the world,” he said. “Because good f*cking luck finding anyone better than me.”

“Realistically speaking, it is a big f*cking L for you guys. I’m not gonna lie, you guys lost a huge f*cking asset. You’re never going to find anyone as valuable as me when it comes to f*cking Search and Destroy and the passion behind Call of Duty.” 


Following up his Twitch ramblings, MuteX momentarily released a video on Twitter to clarify his arguments and double down on his extremely confident position in the competitive Call of Duty scene.

Amidst ample praise for the rest of the Dallas roster, he continued to underscore how the organization lost “an asset” in dropping him.

“I’m telling you I was gonna do a great job, anyone that’s gonna say I wasn’t is just delusional,” he said, before adding the team had lost a “top-tier” SnD analyst. “The reason I said what I said, is to clarify that the little trolls that prayed on my downfall, f*cked you guys over too.”

Despite appearing quite confident in his convictions on-stream, MuTeX soon deleted the follow-up videos, as well as a number of his more fiery posts, including one where he called out his “haters” directly, and told them they can “literally suck my fat f*cking c*ck.”

Twitter: FF_MuTeXJust one of numerous deleted Tweets from the controversial SnD analyst.

In an official statement from the organization on November 25, Dallas Empire addressed the release of MuTeX and outlined the reasoning behind the decision.

“From the moment our organization signs an individual to compete at the highest levels of esports, we expect he or she to exhibit a standard of professionalism in-competition, on-stream, and in personal conduct,” the team stated.

Though his obscene rant served as the catalyst for much debate within the Call of Duty community, it’s evident that MuTeX was not in line with the standards set forth by the Team Envy-owned Call of Duty League franchise. 

Immediately making a mockery of the situation at hand, Call of Duty veteran and member of the Toronto Ultra franchise, Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni, chimed in and sarcastically recreated MuTeX’s rant.

“Guys I’m so sorry, I know I just completely destroyed my entire career,” he started before transitioning to a less apologetic tone. “You will never find someone as experienced and as good at SnD than me, Dallas Empire this is an L.”


Wrapping up his heated spiel, MuTeX addressed the Call of Duty community directly, cursing every other word.

“Congratulations you f*cking nerds, you hating little f*cks,” he raged. “Congratulations, you got what you f*cking wanted, I’m off of f*cking Empire but guess what, I’m about to succeed even more. I’m ‘bout to create a f*cking Empire.”

With numerous Call of Duty icons across various franchise teams expressing their stance on the recent controversy, it’ll be fascinating to see if any organization will risk signing the vitriolic SnD analyst moving forward.

Call of Duty

Warzone Precision Airstrike trick is perfect for taking out tower campers

Published: 19/Jan/2021 14:03

by Jacob Hale


If you still find yourself struggling to take out those pesky Airport Tower campers in Warzone, this Precision Airstrike trick will make your life much easier.

The tower at Airport is a haven for players that don’t quite have the ability to take on the game properly. We’ve all seen them, sitting up top in the control room with a sniper and their Most Wanted contract, not willing to take on a fair gunfight on the ground.

Technically, the only way up is the inside zipline, though you can fly a helicopter at it too and hope for the best, but both of these methods leave you exposed, and the tower camper will usually be prepared for it.

This trick, though, is bound to change how you approach it, and gives you the best chance of wiping them out.

Warzone airport tower camper
There’s only one way up the tower, making it perfect for campers.

For the most part, attempting to use airstrikes on tower campers is futile, as the roof keeps them so well protected — but not if you judge it right.

As you can see in the clip below from Rxelik_, there’s actually a real method that can make your precision airstrike much more likely to hit the enemies occupying the tower.

Rather than aiming it at the control room like most of us usually would, if you aim lower down the tower, the trajectory of the missiles actually falls straight into the room and, hopefully can take out at least one or two of the players in it.

How to aim precision airstrike against Airport Control Tower from r/CODWarzone

The best part about this is tower campers usually assume they’re safe when they see the warning screen of an incoming airstrike. Due to the roof above them, most tower campers won’t rush into hiding when it comes up, and will be left baffled when it ends up actually hitting them.

If this works out well, you could have a teammate hold the bottom floor, ready to zip up to clean up any kills or prevent any possible revives, though this could still be quite risky if a player or two are watching the zipline still.

Either way, this trick makes it much more likely to take out tower campers, so bear it in mind next time you need to pull someone out of there — just aim a little lower!