Nadeshot lashes out at ‘s***-talking’ viewers who say he’s bad at MW3

Nadeshot holding chin sat at gaming setupNadeshot

Former CoD pro and 100 Thieves founder Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag lashed out at his viewers after being told he’s bad at MW3.

Nadeshot is easily one of the most popular names in Call of Duty. Before retiring from competing in 2015, only to start his own esports organization 100 Thieves a year later, he won numerous CoD championships under OpTic Gaming — and even became a Red Bull athlete.

For years, Nadeshot has focused largely on creating content and his own organization 100 Thieves since his retirement.

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While his competing days are long gone, during a live stream on November 18, Nadeshot couldn’t help but lash out at his fans after they were “bullying” him for a bad performance while playing Modern Warfare 3.

Nadeshot slams viewers roasting his MW3 gameplay

Hitting back at fans, the former CoD world champion called them “ruthless” before going off and challenging them to win a Call of Duty championship before talking down on him.

“Y’all motherf**kers are literally ruthless. Guys I’ve won f**king eight major championships in Call of Duty bro,” he hit out. “So maybe I care a little bit about your sh*t talk because you guys just don’t know what the f**k you’re talking about.”

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He continued: “I’m getting slammed right now, absolutely I don’t deny that. But motherf**ker let’s see you guys go win a f**king major championship against prime-time Aches, Crimsix, f**king Karma, and TeeP.”

“Go try f**king do that and then come f**king talk to me about being a** at Call of Duty,” Nadeshot added. “Alright? You f**king idiots. I’m getting bullied! I’m 31 years old and it’s f**king getting to me. But go try f**king beat that team in prime time like I f**king did. So watch your f**king mouth. Thank you.”

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It’s fair to say the comments got a bit under Nadeshot’s skin. Regardless, the former CoD champ has definitely proved himself to be an acclaimed veteran of the CoD scene.