Dallas Empire’s MuTeX gives tearful apology for using offensive language

FF_MuTeX (Twitter)/Dallas Empire.

Dallas Empire substitute, Charlie ‘MuTeX’ Saouma, has issued an emotional apology on Twitter after using offensive language on Twitch following a Modern Warfare match.

Tensions are rising ahead of the Call of Duty League’s inaugural opener in January, 2020. With so much on the line, teams will be looking to get off to a hot start in the series’ first-ever franchised league.

Dallas Empire have been the team to beat so far, and their success in Search and Destroy can be partly attributed to MuTeX — who doubles up as both a substitute and S&D analyst.

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Dallas Empire (Team Envy).MuTex joined the Dallas Empire core roster on November 5.

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In the aftermath of losing a S&D match with his teammate zChaBouD, MuTeX was discussing the loss and debating who wat at fault with his teammate.

As the pair were exchanging verbal blows, Saouma used a slew of offensive language while accidentally streaming the full exchange to his Twitch channel. 

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Immediately after realizing that the exchange was caught on-stream, MuTeX terminated the broadcast.

Given the Canadian’s newfound position in the CDL, he was quick to issue an apology to his Twitter following.

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“I’m pretty sure I just ruined my career, because of a stupid mistake I did,” Saouma opened. “I’m very sorry to everyone I potentially offended. I want to apologize to the org, Dallas Empire – everyone on the Empire squad – for disappointing you guys.”

He subsequently went on to explain the context behind the derogatory remarks: “From the bottom of my heart, nothing [that] I said was malicious. As sad as this sounds, it was a joke… A very, very bad joke — and I understand the precautions you guys might have to take.”

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Long-time friend and teammate, zChaBouD, was in “disbelief” at the backlash, despite the comments being directed towards him. Following up on MuTex’s tweet, he posted: “I’m not condoning the language that was used, but everyone makes mistakes, and people use words they don’t mean when they are f**king around or in a argument…”

However, in the wake of the apology, some were quick to question MuTex’s sincerity. Fellow CoD pro and two-time world champion, Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price, was quick to respond in the same vein, claiming that he has “no respect for that behavior.”

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In light of the comments made by those responding to his apology, the Canadian posted another video to his Twitter following, stating that “nothing is fake about my emotions right now.”

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Seattle Surge Flex and three-time world champion, Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow, jumped to MuTex’s defense, by comparing the CoD pros language to that used by Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel on a Twitch livestream the day before, and how the Overwatch pro hasn’t faced the same extent of backlash.

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Should you say that? No,” Karma said. “But just yesterday, watching rust with 20K viewers, xQc said the same words on Twitch probably about 5 times in a matter of minutes.”

Neither Dallas Empire or any of MuTex’s fellow team members have commented on the incident at the time of writing.

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