Modern Warfare players already cheating in ‘Shoot the Ship’ playlist

Infinity Ward

One Reddit user has posted to draw attention to players already cheating in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s ‘Shoot the Ship’ playlist, just hours after it was added to Infinity Ward’s latest CoD title. 

The multiplayer maps in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have been one of the most widely criticized aspects of Infinity Ward’s latest CoD installment. Many fans have lamented them as overly large and complex, with numerous messy lanes.

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In order to combat fan criticism, Infinity Ward introduced Shoothouse, a small three-lane map designed to speed up Modern Warfare gameplay. These efforts have been compounded by the re-introduction of a number of maps from 2007’s Modern Warfare, including Shipment. 

Infinity WardGrazna Raid is one map fans have hated.

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On December 23, multiplayer director at Infinity Ward Joe Cecot, teased fans with a “Shoot the Ship” comment on Reddit. His comment proved true on Christmas Eve, as a 24/7 Shoothouse X Shipment playlist was added. 

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However, one Reddit user has already drawn attention to players cheating in the new playlist, despite it being less than a day old. 

‘GloriousRock’ posted to Reddit with the caption “People already cheating on the new playlist….”. Attached was a video showing one enemy on the perimeter of Shipment, strafing the fence from an invulnerable position. 

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Despite seemingly being outside the map, the player is not killed by the typical ‘Return to combat’ message.

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From their invulnerable position, they are able to rack up the kills without being killed. It’s not clear how the player gets out the map in the first place, nor how they manipulate the game into thinking they are still within the map’s perimeters. 

The bug appears to only be possible on Shipment, but there have already been bugs abused on Shoothouse, including one whereby a player gets underneath the map. This allows them to kill enemies while invincible. 

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The Reddit user’s post has already garnered nearly 2,000 upvotes, as players strive to draw attention the cheater. 

Update: Since the publication of this article, another post has surfaced, showing another player cheating on Shipment. This time, however, they are using an aim-bot to kill enemies, while essentially invulnerable.

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At the time of writing, Infinity Ward has not responded to either post but, given the popularity of Shipment, it’s likely we’ll see a patch soon. 

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