Absurd Modern Warfare bug lets streamer see through walls on Shoot House

Infinity Ward - Modern Warfare

A ridiculous Modern Warfare glitch can make Shoot House the most broken map in the game as textures disappear and players are able to see enemies through walls.

Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare has been riddled with bugs since launch and while some are on the comical side with no serious impact on the outcome of a match, others have completely tarnished competitive integrity.

A recent bug accidentally discovered by Twitch streamer ‘GalaxEGaming’ falls into the latter category and led to a severely lopsided match on Shoot House.

Infinity Ward - Modern WarfareShoot House was introduced to Modern Warfare on December 3 with the Season One update.

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Shoot House was implemented across the board with the release of Season One in Modern Warfare on December 3. A small-scale map intended to provide some frenetic action like franchise staples Nuketown and Rust, the DLC map appears to have missed the mark due to an absurdly powerful glitch.

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Accidentally showcased throughout a Twitch stream on January 1, GalaxEGaming was alt-tabbed out of Modern Warfare while loading into a round of Hardpoint on PC. Upon tabbing back into the match however, the streamer was left stunned as a majority of crucial textures had failed to load in.

Leaving him with a clear view across huge chunks of the battlefield, the streamer was all too giddy to begin opening fire on foes who couldn’t see him yet.

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“Everyone’s gonna report me thinking I’m hacking,” he joked, while rushing towards the opposing side of the map with full view of spawn locations.

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Gunning down a number of opposing players, the glitch continued to impact more of the match as character models began disappearing in plain sight as well. “The players aren’t even f***ing loading for me what the hell.”

Heading to some indoor high-ground, the bug was on full display as the entire map appeared skittish, constantly popping in and out of existence with every slight movement.

Infinity Ward - Modern WarfareShoot House received its own exclusive playlist so that fans could enjoy fast-paced action over and over again.

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There’s no telling just how this absurd incident came into effect, however players might be looking to replicate the bug whenever Shoot House appears in rotation. 

While it’s impossible to play in such a way as to remain cautious of enemies shooting you through a wall, pay extra attention to kill-cams on the map to spot whether opponents are exploiting the bug moving forward.

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