Modern Warfare dev responds to fan requests – loadout slots, more

Infinity Ward

Joe Cecot – Co-Design Director of Multiplayer at Infinity Ward – has responded to multiple fans about potential changes to Modern Warfare, including the possibility of more ‘create-a-class’ slots. 

Infinity Ward have been criticized for their lack of communication with the CoD community since Modern Warfare released at the end of October 2019. They have been incredibly tight-lipped about matchmaking as the debate about it being skill-based rages on. 

However, on December 31, Joe Cecot responded to multiple fans asking about new features and adjustments that could be coming to Modern Warfare soon. Most notably, he responded to one player who asked if Infinity Ward would consider giving players more than 5 ‘loadouts’.

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Infinity WardModern Warfare limits players to 5 loadouts.

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Previous CoD games have allowed players to earn an extra loadout slot every time they prestige. This allowed greater scope to try weapons and mix and match attachment combinations. However, Modern Warfare has (so far) limited all players to five classes, when previous games allowed up to 20. 

One Modern Warfare player asked whether Infinity Ward had considered giving players more slots for their loadouts as five has not been considered enough. 

In reply, Cecot simply said: “Yes :)”. While he did not confirm that more slots would be coming soon, his positive tone was largely interpreted by Twitter users as an indication Infinity Ward are working on it. 

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Secondly, the absence of prestiging in Modern Warfare has resulted in some fans being concerned about the incentive to grind for higher levels.

Previous CoD games have offered unique emblems and calling cards, but Modern Warfare’s first season reset players to level 56, allowing them only to work up to Level 155 before its second season starts. 

When asked by a fan whether a “unique icon” would be awarded for reaching max level, Joe Cecot responded: “I definitely think there are improvements we can make in this area.” 

Once again, he did not promise anything, but indicated that Infinity Ward are working on offering more incentive as a result of the absence of prestiging.

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Finally, Cecot hinted that changes could be coming to Cranked – the game mode Infinity Ward brought back from CoD: Ghosts. Cecot described one fan’s idea, which suggested turning the benefits of being ‘cranked’ into “Specialist Bonuses”, as “very cool”. 

He also confirmed that a new way to use “blueprints” is going into testing now. This was in reply to a fan who wanted “blueprint camos to work with all attachments”. 

It’s important to remember that a lot of variables can impact new patches and adjustments, so we’ll have to wait and see whether certain changes materialize – particularly in relation to the extra loadout slots a lot of fans are demanding. 

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