Modern Warfare & Warzone players hit with ‘Zero XP’ bug in battle pass

Andy Williams

Call of Duty players have been plagued with a bug that is stopping them from earning XP and is bringing their Season 3 battle pass progression to a halt in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Infinity Ward’s third installment of their first-ever seasonal battle pass has gone down a treat. New Operators, skins, weapons, and maps have players eager to complete their battle pass and earn those coveted cosmetics.

But as one door opens, another closes. And it appears that battle pass progression has come to a grinding halt for some players, as they’ve been plagued with a bug that is preventing them from earning XP.

Modern Warfare Season 3 battle pass rewards.
While Season 3 offers some highly sought after rewards, some players are seemingly grinding for no reason.

Speaking on the Warzone subreddit, one player vented their frustrations concerning their encounter with the zero XP bug. “I just played three rounds without earning any XP for my character or my battle pass.

“Are you serious about this?” they added. “I pay for the battle pass and you give me nothing and a buggy game in return?”

There could be an ounce of hope for some players, though, as one Redditor responded explaining that: “I had this happen. Logged out, came back the next day and got hit in the face with 15 min of level up animations.”

The bug isn’t exclusive to Warzone games, either, with regular multiplayer experiencing similar issues.

“By the time I wait 10 minutes for a lobby to connect, I can’t get any XP, and if I’m about to, I [crash to desktop] before the XP is even awarded,” one player wrote on the Modern Warfare subreddit.

While Infinity Ward’s snag list is seemingly growing by the day – with voice chat issues and invincibility exploits in Warzone being the latest to disrupt players’ game – this will surely jump the queue, else most players will have no reason to continue playing.

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As it stands at the time of writing, the zero XP bug is yet to appear on Infinity Ward’s radar (at least per their Trello board), so it could be some time before some players see a hotfix being pushed out. But rest assured, we will keep you updated on any news on this Modern Warfare bug.

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