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Call of Duty

New Warzone exploit makes players invincible in game’s final circle

Published: 1/May/2020 10:07

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty players have uncovered a strange issue in Warzone that allows you to become invincible in the final circle so long as you bring a teammate back via a buy station.

Since it’s launch, Call of Duty: Warzone has proven to be an incredibly popular battle royale – but it hasn’t been perfect as there have been plenty of issues, bugs, and exploits.

Players have been left frustrated by hackers being able to not take damage, different weapons appearing in Gulag fights, and even having weapons changed to look like a dog. Now though, players have revealed how one of the newest exploits – invincibility in the final circle – has been pulled off without the use of hacks or cheats.

Infinity Ward
Warzone hasn’t been completely faultless since launch.

The issue was showcased by Reddit user Matt5hew, who had managed to bring a teammate back from the dead just before being eliminated themselves – and as soon as the final circle was beginning to close in. 

As their teammate was parachuting in, they were stuck outside the gas but didn’t have their health affected one bit. Instead, they were able to just sit in the air as the enemies, most likely, frantically ran around in the hopes of finding the last remaining opposing player. 

With the health of Matt5hew’s teammate being unaffected by the gas, they sat in midair until the ‘Warzone Victory’ message popped up on the screen – most likely because the opposition players had succumbed to the gas themselves. 

If you buy a teammate back after circle is closed you become invincible from CODWarzone

Of course, while invincibility is something you never want to play against in a battle royale, having the ability to not die is pretty situational in this case as you’d need a buy station to pop up in the final circle – as well as having the time to buy someone back. 

However, as it is an invincibility exploit, there is no doubt that Infinity Ward will want to address it sooner rather than later so, it should be patched at some point in the near future. We’ll just have to see how fast they get around to sorting it.

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Call of Duty

Game-breaking Warzone bug is teleporting players around Verdansk

Published: 25/Oct/2020 20:43

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone players are no strangers to bugs, but a new teleportation one is catching them by surprise and suddenly making them strangers in foreign lands across Verdansk.

It’s hard to iron out every single bug and issue in a game, and even harder when the game is periodically receiving massive updates with new cosmetics, modes, and locations. As such, it’s no surprise that Modern Warfare and Warzone’s developers at Infinity Ward have an extensive backlog of problems they’re still trying to fix.

Unlike some of the game’s earlier big bugs, like the frustrating Heartbeat Sensor glitch or “demon gun” nightmare, this teleportation one seems to have gone completely under the developers’ radar. 

In the clip below, a player is seen trying to break through a window in one section of the map before suddenly, practically instantaneously, being teleported across the map. It’s very surprising, very confusing, and, apparently, very new.

A sweet new teleportation feature… from CODWarzone

While Infinity Ward is typically very transparent with their tasks, piling known issues into a publicly available Trello Board, this teleportation bug has not cracked the list. This could very well mean that this is a recent issue that the encumbered developers remain unaware of.

As shown by Reddit’s ‘DandruffMuffin,’ they are in an attic in one of the houses atop Dam when they casually try to break through a window and escape toward the Fire Station. In what looks like a poorly spliced together series of clips, the window-breaking animation is delayed by a couple of seconds while the game’s surrounding landscape loads up.

warzone promenade
Infinity Ward
Imagine, in one second, going from snowy Dam all the way to…Promenade?

Once those smooth textures turn into real graphics, it’s revealed that DandruffMuffin is not a horrible video editor, but the subject of a new fast travel system entirely unrelated to the new Verdansk subway line. Seconds after being in a house above Dam, they are teleported hundreds of meters away from their teammate to the middle of the road near Promenade and the Hills.

It’s as bizarre a bug as they get and you get that feeling very visibly from DandruffMuffin’s confused reactions. As of yet, Infinity Ward has not responded to this issue and no one seems certain about its causes.