Modern Warfare & Warzone July 9 patch notes: Rytec AMR fix & more

Theo Salaun
Player hiding behind cover in Warzone.

[jwplayer mCpsAxNx]Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has pushed out a new update for multiplayer and Warzone, featuring fixes to the bugged Rytec AMR sniper and some minor patches.

Since making its 2020 debut, the Rytec AMR has had its fair share of issues, ranging from leveling problems to Warzone damage inconsistencies. Infinity Ward has finally put some of those to rest, but it’s unclear if everything was solved in the July 9 patch.


Back on July 1, IW’s Co-Design Director of Multiplayer, Joe Cecot, confirmed that there were multiple issues with the Rytec, and that those would soon be patched. While this patch features some other fixes, the sniper’s changes are the most intriguing.

Call of Duty: MW & Warzone July 9 patch notes

  • Fixed the Rytec AMR’s inability to be awarded typical XP while using explosive rounds
  • Fixed issue where Rytec AMR could one-hit kill when using explosive rounds in BR
  • Fixed Rytec AMR’s Fully Loaded gun perk’s issues when using alternate ammunition
  • Fixed “incorrect text” on one of the SUV camos 
  • Fixed bug where Counter UAVs could be found in Warzone
  • Fixed bug where players couldn’t use Field Upgrades in FFA
  • Fixed bug where players could remain AFK without being kicked when playing All or Nothing


While any fixes are good fixes, the Call of Duty community is rightfully concerned that the developers may have not addressed the Rytec’s biggest bug: an inability to down enemies with a headshot in Warzone.

Both of the Rytec’s most similar comparison, the HDR and AX-50, can down enemies with a single shot to the head—but the Rytec could not in Warzone and Cecot confirmed that was a bug. But instead of the latest patch confirming that headshots will now down enemies, it instead seems to fix an entirely different, opposite issue in which the Rytec’s explosive rounds could insta-kill players on Verdansk.

As developers do sometimes shadow patch issues, it’s unclear so far whether or not the Rytec’s headshots were fixed without mention. This was the case with a weird exploit that allowed you to take guns from the pregame lobby into the actual match, which seems to have been shadow-patched on July 8. Hopefully a similar incognito fix has come for the Rytec’s most pressing issue.