Warzone dev confirms multiple Rytec AMR sniper fixes coming soon

Theo Salaun

[jwplayer mCpsAxNx]The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update debuted the Rytec AMR, but the sniper is plagued with bugs and Infinity Ward has now confirmed fixes are coming.

New weapons and current weapon buffs or nerfs always impact a game’s meta, as has been the case in CoD’s Warzone and multiplayer lobbies with players trying to figure out what guns are now strongest. That’s been an even harder task now that people are finding numerous bugs with the Rytec AMR, involving its damage output and leveling.


Upon being asked about the Rytec AMR’s inability to knock players with headshots, Infinity Ward’s Co-Design Director of Multiplayer, Joe Cecot, confirmed that a “fix is in the works” for this bug.

While the gun can still shred in multiplayer without the interference of pesky armor, this issue devastates its potential in Warzone where bullet drop was already going to make the new sniper hard to choose over the AX-50 and HDR.  


The second bug doesn’t impact the weapon’s performance, but instead how easily players can earn its more coveted attachments. One aspect that sets this sniper apart from the game’s other bolt-action rifles is that it can be loaded with explosive rounds—but it appears that using this kind of ammo negates any experience gained.

The gun already takes time to unlock, as you have to get three quickscope kills in 15 different matches, but it will take infinitely longer to level if you intend to use explosive rounds.

The Rytec is appealing over the AX-50 and HDR because it can have a much faster ADS, but its damage output and explosive potential are what really help distinguish it from the rest of the game’s snipers and marksman rifles.

Players have obviously been excited to try these unique rounds out, before being dismayed that they seem not to be unlocking any other attachments. This was the case for one Twitter user who reached out to Cecot after dropping EXP tokens on the sniper and still failing to level it up.


As Cecot confirms, the explosive round attachment is bugged and prevents players from gaining any experience. While he couldn’t reveal an exact incoming date for the fix, one can assume that Infinity Ward will want to solve these issues sooner rather than later.

As the Call of Duty community reacts to Grau and MP5 nerfs, it will be interesting to see if a fixed Rytec AMR can carve out any consideration as a meta weapon in either multiplayer or Warzone.