Modern Warfare Jan 14 patch notes: new Gunfight mode & playlist update

Infinity Ward

Call of Duty developers Infinity Ward rolled out another update for Modern Warfare, adding Gunfight Trios and bringing back several multiplayer playlists and modes, including the fan-favorite Shoot House 24/7, Cranked, and Drop Zone.

With Season 1 still in full swing in Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward continue to add more content for players to enjoy, as part of what they’re calling the biggest post-launch content drop in Call of Duty history.

On January 14, they released another small update that made changes to the modes and playlists currently available in multiplayer.

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Infinity WardAs Modern Warfare Season 1 continues to roll on, so does the influx of new content and modes.

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A breakdown of what this update added to Modern Warfare can be found below, including the full and official patch notes.

3v3 Gunfight

Since the release of MW, Gunfight remains one of the more popular modes in multiplayer. Now, the developers took the classic 2v2 version and added an extra player on each side, revealing the brand new Trios variant.

This is an experiment that’s definitely worth keeping an eye on because some of the maps are small and congested as it is, so it’ll be interesting to see how they play with six total players loaded in at once.

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Infinity WardGunfight has been a popular multiplayer mode in Modern Warfare, and a 3v3 variant is now available.

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Gunfight Trios is the fourth different version of the mode to be added, following the unpopular O.S.P., the classic 2v2, and the recently-released 1v1, with the latter two still available in-game.

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Other Playlist changes

The ever-popular Shoot House 24/7 playlist is now available once again, after being removed and added back for what seems like the umpteenth time. It’s now become a trend for the developers to remove it in favor of something new only for fans to complain so much that they end up bringing it back.

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It’s replaced Shipment 24/7, which was added as the featured playlist the week prior but never got even close to being as popular as its Shoot House counterpart.

Infinity WardShoot House 24/7 has replaced Shipment 24/7 as the featured playlist, which should make a lot of players happy.

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A new ‘Same Day Delivery’ playlist has also been added, which features Cranked and Drop Zone, two multiplayer modes that were introduced earlier in Season 1 and have now been brought back.

Cranked is a Team Deathmatch-style mode except it requires players who get their initial kill to hurry and follow it up with another or else they’ll explode.

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Drop Zone is similar to Hardpoint in that there are specially marked zones on the map that players and teams need to take control of. However, the twist here is that Killstreaks can only be earned by controlling zones long enough to grab the Care Packages that drop into them from the sky.

Modern Warfare January 14 playlist update patch notes

Today’s playlist update is now live:

  • Shoot House 24/7 is back! (Replaces Shipment 24/7)
  • Gunfight 3v3
  • “Same Day Delivery” Playlist – Cranked and Drop Zone!
  • Gun Game is now in the Quick Play Filter

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