Modern Warfare grenade trick revives players in the blink of an eye

Brad Norton
Infinity Ward - Modern Warfare

Grenades aren’t quite working as intended throughout various modes in Modern Warfare as a new trick surprisingly allows players to revive themselves.

Grenades are obviously intended to detonate on top of opposing forces and secure a quick elimination or two. Prevalent in every loadout, players are able to choose between all sorts of explosives. From sticky semtex grenades to frag, not a single item in the ‘lethal’ category is intended to help the opponents.

However, a new trick has been uncovered that goes against the grain and, shockingly, benefits your enemies if timed just right.

Infinity Ward - Modern WarfareReviving players in Modern Warfare is only possible throughout Cyber Attack and Special Ops.

Throwing grenades back towards their sender is an entirely viable play in Call of Duty. There’s a limited window that allows players to pick the explosive back up and launch it away before the detonation impacts everyone nearby. 

Amusingly enough, players are actually able to return grenades while in a downed-state as well. Better yet, in doing so, players somehow get themselves off the ground in a heartbeat. 

Completely neglecting the need for a revive from a nearby teammate, this odd feature gets you back on your feet in an instant if timed just right. 

While obviously a niche tactic that will only come in handy throughout Cyber Attack and Special Ops, there’s no denying how powerful the trick can be in certain situations.

Whether you’re one round away from winning a closely contested game of Cyber Attack, or your squad is just moments out from completing a difficult Special Ops challenge, all hope might not be lost if you get downed in combat.

There’s no way to predict when enemy AI might throw a grenade your way and multiplayer opposition might cook their grenades to perfection, so it can be a difficult tactic to fall back on, but the option is always there nonetheless. 

Infinity Ward - Modern WarfareSpecial Ops provides a unique cooperative challenge in Modern Warfare.

While Cyber Attack is an entirely new mode in Modern Warfare, Special Ops is a returning cooperative feature from Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 (2009).

Despite being reintroduced to the series for the first time since 2011, dedicated players were quick to voice their frustrations with the buggy state of the mode at launch. Adding to the list, this grenade bug is certainly not working as intended but it might just save your life before being patched out.  

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