Censor apologizes for using homophobic slur while raging at Call of Duty teammate

Michael Gwilliam
censor apologizes for homophobic slur

Call of Duty streamer and veteran pro player Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has apologized after raging at a teammate and using a homophobic slur on stream.

An October 17 Modern Warfare 2 stream got out of control when Censor started having a war of words with a teammate that quickly escalated into something the pro says he isn’t proud of.

During the broadcast, Censor lashed out at his teammate, accusing them of sucking at the game and demanding they unfollow him on social media as well. At the end of this exchange, however, Censor called his teammate a homophobic slur, which he instantly regretted.

Wanting to get ahead of any backlash, Censor issued a public video apology for the incident, admitting that what he was wrong and wanted to take responsibility.

Censor responds after backlash for calling CoD teammate a slur

In a post on X/Twitter, Censor revealed that he felt like he had to issue an apology right away or the situation would worsen.

“I slipped up and I said a word I shouldn’t have said. I let someone get under my skin and I said the F-word. I’m not proud about it. I’m not happy about it. I’m definitely disappointed in myself about it because regardless of what anyone might think, it’s not something that I stand for,” he explained.

The Boston Academy player further noted that he doesn’t use words like that in his private life and he slipped up by saying it in public. He further stated that he’s also upset at how others may perceive his use of slurs as something that’s acceptable.

“I’m upset, because people are going to see this thing and they’re going to think they can do this too, because I did it. And that’s not okay. It’s not right; it’s wrong. There’s nothing more I can honestly do than just tell you guys the truth.”

Some users in the comments stood by Censor, praising him for taking accountability while others argued that the apology was unnecessary.

“Respect for calling yourself out but no need to be so hard on yourself about it. When we get angry we tend to do things beyond our usual. You can’t change the past so what matters now is what you continue to do in the future,” one said.

Some even suggested he shouldn’t have apologized, which Censor himself clearly disagrees with.

At the time of writing, Censor hasn’t been suspended by Twitch for breaking their rules on hateful conduct, but we’ll update this article if the Amazon-owned platform takes action.

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