Black Ops 4’s new supply drop sniper is completely broken


Call of Duty players who decided to fork out on some new Black Ops 4 loot boxes might feel shortchanged if they found the new DLC sniper rifle inside. 

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The Locus, along with the S6 Stingray tactical rifle, Peacekeeper assault rifle, Vendetta sniper rifle, and Ballistic Knife, were revealed as new purchasable content on June 5, with the Days of Summer patch notes. 

While that might sound like a whole load of new and exciting content on paper (albeit locked behind supply drops), it turns out that the Locus is hardly as good as it looks when used on the battlefield.

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TreyarchThe Days of Summer event returned in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on June 5.
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Black Ops 4 players have come out in force on the game’s subreddit, claiming that the bolt-action sniper rifle is plagued with issues that make it almost unusable. 

Reddit user TheMildewMuncher has captured a number of screenshots and shared them with the community, showing obvious errors with the alignment of the weapon’s optics.

“For those who were lucky (or rich) enough to obtain the Locus, none of the optics other than the default scope are functional. They are all misaligned, missing dots, or horribly zoomed out,” the user posted, clearly angered that the game’s developers have let this one slip through the net.

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TheMildewMuncher, RedditOne Reddit user captured screenshots of the Locus on PC, showing a clear misalignment of reticles on the weapon.
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This isn’t the first time that the Locus sniper has featured in a CoD game, as it was also available to use in Black Ops 3. But, its return certainly hasn’t lived up to expectations.

Another baffled user posted: “Did they make this while they were drunk? I’ve never seen such offset reticles in my five years of playing CoD.”

Whether or not Treyarch are aware of the problem yet is unknown, but with the furore about it online they should take notice – hopefully sooner rather than later.

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