MW3 players roast “frat boy” Makarov as series’ weakest character

John Esposito
MW3 players roast "frat boy" Makarov as series' weakest character

MW3 had a chance to recapture how wicked Makarov is, yet some players think the game severely missed the mark with how his character was presented.

The reveal of 2019’s Modern Warfare certainly confused the Call of Duty community, leaving many fans wondering if this was a reboot or a remake of the original trilogy. It turns out it was somewhere in the middle — a “retconned narrative” where the events of the previous trilogy didn’t exist, giving Infinity Ward the chance to use the same characters in different manners.

The previous sentiment is what the developers did, as the team has brought back Modern Warfare standouts like Ghost and Soap in different capacities. With 2022’s MW2’s ending, Vladimir Makarov was teased to reappear in the next entry, which excited some who remembered his heinous acts of old.

However, his reappearance in MW3 seemingly has left many disappointed, with some arguing it was the weakest antagonizing force to date.

MW3 players say Makarov is the” weakest character in COD ever”

To quickly recap the situation: MW3’s scores across the board have been pretty rough, with plenty of ire directed at the campaign. Dexerto’s review gave it a 3 out of 5, with the “multiplayer salvaging a lackluster campaign.” It’s been at the center of many headlines, most notably Christopher Judge’s joke during The Game Awards.

Many were dissatisfied with Makarov’s use in the campaign, as some felt he wasn’t as heinous as he was in the past. Now that the dust has settled post-launch, a post in the Call Of Duty Subreddit has rekindled the discussion around Makarov.

“It’s time to talk about how this is the weakest character ever created in any COD ever,” Reddit user PsychologicalCash612 stated, before asking fellow members to roast Makarov. Needless to say, they roasted the villain pretty hard.

“Nah for real, OG Makarov was threatening, This mf looks like a frat boy who just got told by his rich dad that he had to get a job,” the top comment jested. “Bro’s mom said no to buying him Robux, now this is his mood,” another joined in.

All jokes aside, the roast had some good takes, again referencing his usage in the campaign. Without diving into spoilers, the recurring theme was his lack of a threatening presence, which promotional media hyped him up to be before his campaign actions felt less than so.

Then again, it’s hard to live up to the shadow of your “retconned” self, the one who started World War 3. If there’s another entry, maybe this one’s menacing nature will match his multiversal self’s behavior.

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