Modern Warfare devs release patch to fix unplayable CDL playlist

Joe Craven
Gunfight in Azhir Cave

Infinity Ward have released a patch to fix Modern Warfare’s unplayable CDL playlist, following weeks of issues for players trying to play the professional mode filter. 

One major complaint players have had with Modern Warfare’s multiplayer is the absence of a Ranked Mode, in the vein of Black Ops II’s League Play. This has seen SBMM implemented into Modern Warfare public matches, a change that has proved widely unpopular.

However, to alleviate some of the player demands, Infinity Ward added a CDL Playlist filter to multiplayer back in February. This enabled players to play CDL game modes on CDL maps, but it does not include its own ranking system as many fans had hoped.

CDL teams around the CDL logo
Modern Warfare players can also support their favorite CDL teams with in-game bundles.

However, while playing the game mode in June, some players noticed bizarre issues, like spawning in mid-air above the map. Also, players were spawning into Free-For-All matches which, needless to say, are not a CDL game mode. Thankfully, it appears that Infinity Ward have fixed the issues.

A small patch is deploying now across all platforms,” they tweeted, “that fixes two issues we’ve been tracking in Modern Warfare: Thank you for your reports and feedback! Fix for the CDL playlist not functioning as intended”. 

The news was generally well received, with many fans excited to hop back in without any major issues plaguing their games.

However, some issues remained. Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat, AR for OpTic Gaming Los Angeles, said: “Thats great but can I please…. PLEASE get a patch to the 60 hz GB servers so I can practice the spawns that my matches are on?”

Recent updates have sought to improve the online standards of play for CDL matches, but players have not been able to recreate these conditions when playing in general playlists on multiplayer.

Whether such changes are made in a future update remains to be seen, but some pro players have criticized Infinity Ward’s commitment (or lack thereof) to Modern Warfare’s competitive environment.

For now, players of all calibre will have to make do with the fixes to the CDL playlist.