CDL pros want new Modern Warfare 3 map added to ranked & league rotation

Jacob Hale
Call of Duty League logo with Rio map side by side

The Call of Duty League and ranked play map rotation may be about to see some changes, as pros and fans demand that one of the latest Modern Warfare 3 maps be added in because they love it so much.

While the class of MW2 (2009) maps are heralded as some of the greatest in Call of Duty history, they do play out fairly differently in a current-day movement system, meaning some players haven’t quite enjoyed them as much as they used to.

Most notable is Terminal, which has long been considered one of the greatest COD maps of all time, but now many people are finding “campy,” and even CDL pros and fans want the map removed entirely.

The issue for those competitive players, though, is that they’re already operating with a limited map pool — but that could be set to change, especially if they get their own way and this new map gets added to the rotation.

Rio added to CDL & ranked play?

Rio was one of the 6v6 maps added to Modern Warfare 3 in the Season 1 Reloaded update, but until now, hasn’t really been played on or tested by pros as they focused firmly on Major 1 and the maps they had to play.

Now, though, with the break between Major splits, they’re playing on the new patch with different spawns and Hardpoint rotations, and they’ve started testing Rio too.

Carolina Royal Ravens coach Brian ‘Saintt’ Baroska called for Rio Hardpoint to enter the map pool in place of Terminal, while his player, Isaiah ‘Gwinn’ Gwinn, called the map “a bang out.”

This was followed up with the Royal Ravens players discussing Rio being added to the map pool — and it might already be happening.

“What map is being taken out?” they asked when discussing it, to which they confirmed “nothing, they’re just adding it in.”

Of course, nothing is set in stone yet and this hasn’t been confirmed by the Call of Duty League or ranked developers Treyarch, so we can’t say the change is definitely happening with any certainty.

That said, there are clearly players who want it, and fans will want to see something fresh too, so the game may look slightly different at the pro level once Major 2 qualifiers start on February 16.