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Leaked Black Ops character returning to Warzone fuels CoD 2020 rumors

Published: 2/Jul/2020 3:12

by Brad Norton


As the focus of the next Call of Duty remains shrouded in mystery, a leaked return of iconic Black Ops character Frank Woods could paint the picture of what lies ahead.

We have now entered July without an official reveal of Treyarch’s upcoming Call of Duty release. This marks the longest stretch into any year in franchise history without any indication of what’s coming next. Typically, most CoD titles are teased much earlier into the year, with full gameplay blowouts coming around the time of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June.


Developers at Treyarch have been particularly quiet in 2020. Though a litany of leaks through Infinity Ward’s Warzone, may have uncovered their ambitious plans. Rumors have circulated for months around this year’s title being a “soft reboot” of the popular Black Ops series. This would coincide with Warzone’s ongoing seasonal storyline that will supposedly tie everything together.

A brand new set of leaked voice lines have now reaffirmed this theory. Iconic Black Ops character Frank Woods could be dropping in as a future Operator in the hugely popular battle royale.

Call of Duty Warzone leaked voice lines
Reddit: u/throwitinthetrash90
A look at the voice lines leaked for Woods as an Operator in Warzone.

Woods served an integral role in the narrative of the Black Ops series, spanning four entries across decades of interwoven stories. As Treyarch seemingly prepares for a reboot of the series, Woods appears to be making his way to Warzone as a playable Operator.

Various lines of code have been dug up from the June 29 update. These lines refer to Woods by name and outline various quotes from the character in certain states of combat. Not only that, but dataminers have also been able to pluck the audio for some of these voice lines as well.

A new voice actor seemingly portrays Woods in this iteration as 10 new lines of dialogue have been leaked. All stemming from quotes of the character while executing others in the battle royale.


There’s no telling just when Woods may be playable. As more and more historic Call of Duty characters join the fight against Imran Zakhaev in Verdansk, it’s likely that Woods serves as the center-piece of a future season. No different to the likes of Ghost in Season 2, Alex in Season 3, and Captain Price in Season 4.

Call of Duty Black Ops Woods talking to the player
Woods could soon be soaring through the skies and dropping into Verdansk.

How everything comes together and transitions into the future release remains unknown. However, Infinity Ward has confirmed that support for Warzone will be continuing well into the future. With rumors of Blackout making a return this year, perhaps the two will even merge down the line.

Without word from Treyarch, everything remains speculative for the time being. In the meantime, here’s an in-depth look at every scrap of information we have on the 2020 Call of Duty release.

Call of Duty

“Broken” Warzone skin is too hard to see & players aren’t happy about it

Published: 18/Oct/2020 22:48

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 5 Roze “Rook” operator is maddening players, as the small, dark silhouette is sometimes impossible to detect before getting killed.

Verdansk is a diverse environment and Modern Warfare’s operators are fittingly blessed with a varied assortment of camouflages. With the map spanning green, forested areas, dry, muted plains, and dark, indoor rooms, there is a lot of different scenery to keep track of.


Within the map’s obscured nooks and crannies, one Season 5 operator skin has become a particular nuisance for players. Upon hitting Tier 100 on the preceding season’s Battle Pass, the Roze “Rook” skin was unlocked, offering fans a jet-black, sleek character to rock across Modern Warfare’s multiplayer and accompanying battle royale.

With the prevalence of close-quarters combat in dimly lit indoor spaces, players have begun pointing out just how impossible it is to see Roze in the game. 

roze rook skin season 5
Infinity Ward
Roze’s Rook skin is easy to see in the light, but practically invisible in the dark.

In a screenshot shown by ‘bleedblue_knetic’ on Reddit, there appears to be an empty cell in the subterranean jails located below the Prison POI. But their teammate, ‘Deadalus,’ is highlighted as being right behind the cell’s bars. 

Even knowing someone is technically there, it is practically impossible to discern a character model behind the partial obstructions.

I’ve never really seen anyone talk about it, but does anyone else think Roze skin is not okay? from CODWarzone

As such, bleedblue_knetic’s post is titled simply: “I’ve never really seen anyone talk about it, but does anyone else think Roze skin is not okay?” In response, the vast majority of commenters agreed that this skin is an issue and is getting widely used by sweaty players because of how difficult it is to see in Warzone’s darker environments.


One commenter summed it up succinctly: “It’s one of the most broken skins in the game.”

Another Redditor, ‘OJbeforethebadstuff,’ also replied with his own example of the Rook skin’s seeming invisibility. While their video settings appear to lack more brightness than necessary, it still demonstrates just how deadly Roze’s camouflage can be.


As seen in the video, the screen is darker than most players’ displays, but, nonetheless, the Roze that kills him is frankly invisible. It isn’t until you watch the kill cam that you realize there was a person actually standing there amongst the tables, waiting to secure an easy elimination.


Usually, hacking is raised as a possibility when you’re killed by someone you can’t see. But, in this case, it appears that the Rook skin is simply svelte and dark enough to blend into indoor backgrounds perfectly.

Her hitbox isn’t technically smaller than others’ and she does appear in an obvious contrast when in bright environments, but so much of Warzone is played in dimmed locations that this is as meta a skin as the game has seen. Infinity Ward has yet to respond to complaints and it remains to be seen if some of the game’s niche visibility issues can be resolved.