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Modern Warfare devs provide update on major ‘stat reset’ bug

Published: 23/Jan/2020 13:10

by Matt Porter


Modern Warfare developers Infinity Ward have provided an update regarding the stat resist bug that appeared in-game following the latest update for the popular first-person shooter.

The game received a major update on January 22 which introduced a new weapon in the form of the Crossbow, plus a host of gun balancing changes designed to improve the game.

Unfortunately, the patch also brought a major problem that has frustrated and concerned players, which asks players to reset their stats in order to play the game once they’ve downloaded the update. With many concerned that they would lose all the ranks and stats they’ve built up since its release in October, Infinity Ward has moved quickly to provide additional information in hopes of putting to rest any fears.


An error asking players to reset their Modern Warfare ranks.
@VVaby_ - Twitter
Players are being asked to reset their ranks due to corrupt data.

In a blog post on the Infinity Ward website, the developers confirmed that they had already issued a fix to address this issue, and explained what would happen to anyone who was affected by this glitch.

“A backend fix has already been deployed across all platforms,” it reads. “You won’t see a download prompt or see anything pop-up on screen to notify you a fix is available.”

For those who were presented with the prompt and did not click “Yes” and instead closed the game, their stats are still intact and can play as usual. For those who did select the option to reset, everything related to the combat record, leaderboards, custom classes, and Operators were rest, but nothing related to progression was lost. Rank, XP, Battle Pass and weapon, progression, unlocks, and purchases are all secure.


Modern Warfare character holding a minigun.
Infinity Ward
Infinity Ward hope to return lost stats to players affected by this error.

A fix for those who have lost their stats is actively being worked on, but Infinity Ward currently does not have a date that fans can expect to see it go live. Players can still play as normal, and progression will still track, but the developers warned players that they may have to roll back stats to the state they were in prior to the January 22 update when fixing it.

This isn’t the only problem the team behind Modern Warfare are dealing with, with the game’s ruleset for the upcoming Call of Duty League also not working, just days before the Launch Weekend event kicks off.