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Modern Warfare devs hint at new rewards for max rank players

Published: 31/Dec/2019 17:31 Updated: 31/Dec/2019 17:39

by Jacob Hale


Modern Warfare developer Joe Cecot has hinted on Twitter that there may be new rewards coming to players who have reached the maximum rank in multiplayer.

This year, Infinity Ward decided to change the leveling up process in Call of Duty, which has traditionally seen players rank up to a certain level before ‘prestiging’ and leveling up again. Most games had between 10 and 20 prestige ranks, with some, such as Black Ops 3, offering extra levels above max prestige.

In Modern Warfare, however, players simply reach level 55 before earning an ‘officer rank’, with 100 extra officer ranks to be earned. This means that, technically, the max level is 155 – but max rank players are a little peeved that they don’t earn any rewards as a result.


ActivisionThe Modern Warfare 2 prestige emblems have become iconic amongst long-time CoD players.

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Responding to a tweet on December 30, co-design director of multiplayer Cecot was asked whether players “can earn a unique icon when we hit max level?”

Cecot said: “I definitely think there are improvements we can make in this area,” implying that this is something they have been and will continue to actively consider, especially with players expressing the concern that they have “nothing to grind for.”

In past iterations of the franchise, players will earn certain icon or emblem when they level up and hit certain prestiges, and that is evidently something players are concerned about missing out on in Modern Warfare.


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Interestingly, Infinity Ward’s Art Director, who worked on Modern Warfare, then responded to Cecot’s tweet, simply saying “you have my axe,” essentially implying that they have his support and permission to get to work on something.

It would definitely be beneficial to have some kind of icon or emblem for max rank players to show off: after all, when you enter the lobby, you want people to know just how good you are at the game, and this is a step in the right direction.

Though it’s not confirmed that anything will be added, a public comment such as this usually indicates that there are plans in the works and players should probably expect a max rank icon sooner rather than later.