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Modern Warfare devs confirm fix for frustrating player collision issue

Published: 17/Jan/2020 10:02

by Connor Bennett


Infinity Ward has confirmed that there is a fix coming for Modern Warfare’s frustrating player collision issues, meaning it won’t be long before players are no longer blocked out by teammates.

Player collision issues aren’t exactly new to Call of Duty, with players known to go bouncing away from teammates. Whether you play casually or competitively, body blocking as it’s also known has been a problem for quite some time in CoD especially. 

Being blocked out by a teammate can throw off your timing and ability to beat someone else to a power position – putting you on the back foot in a game. However, these problems have seemingly been worse than normal in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, with players begging Infinity Ward to make some sort of change for a few weeks. 

Call of Duty characters fighting within Modern Warfare
Call of Duty players have been reporting plenty of issues with Modern Warfare since it’s release.

Now though, it appears that their calls – and videos of accidentally being bumped up the stairs on Tavorsk District and into the waiting arms of an enemy – have been heard. 

In numerous posts to the Modern Warfare subreddit, users noted that the developer’s Trello board – where they confirm what bugs are being addressed and when fans can expect to see them fixed – had been updated with a confirmed change for the body blocking issue. 

“Fixed in a future update,” reads the tag given to the player collision issue, though it doesn’t say exactly when that fix will be rolled out. 

To those who haven’t seen, the trello board has updated stating the collision is fixed in a future update! Confirming it wasn’t an intended game mechanic. from modernwarfare

With the recent January 14 update being centered around new playlists for multiplayer and only being a few days old, it might be a little while yet before players are able to run around their favorite maps without being bumped along the way. 

Seeing as the conclusion of Modern Warfare’s first online season has been extended until early February, the fix could very well be rolled out as a part of the major update that also follows. We’ll just have to wait and see as to when Infinity Ward chooses to make the change.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War dev responds to broken Zombies XP growth

Published: 29/Nov/2020 13:03 Updated: 29/Nov/2020 13:07

by Luke Edwards


Treyarch has responded to a new issue that is slowing down Black Ops Cold War solo zombies players from leveling up their weapons. They intend to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Players reported the exp growth on their weapons had become increasingly slow. Some experimentation from Reddit user MaharaDTD discovered that it wasn’t impacting public lobby players, but was rather isolated to solo players and those on high round grinds.

Some players reported their guns not leveling up at all between rounds 30 and 100, while others, who played predominantly in co-op lobbies, reported almost no change at all.

The issues come amid a double XP event which should be the perfect time to grind out Zombies games, though. These problems stem from Treyarch combating an XP exploit where players could restart lobbies over and over again to wrack up big amounts – and the knock on effect has been completely ruining games.

How to complete all Dark Ops challenges in Black Ops Cold War zombies
The iconic Treyarch Zombies mode has taken some twist in Black Ops Cold War.

Treyarch dev responds to Black Ops Cold War Zombies weapon XP issues

Treyarch dev Josh ‘Foxhound’ Torres announced that their team had confirmed the issue with limited XP growth, responding to the lengthy Reddit discussion with a handful of comments of his own.

“I spoke with the team, and we have identified an issue that was causing lower than intended Weapon XP in both solo Zombies matches and later Zombies rounds. We are looking to release a fix for both of these as soon as possible,” he said.

Torres also confirmed there will not be an extension to the 2XP weekend for zombies players, despite pressure from the community.

He said: “I shared what the team had to share, and then I kept them updated on the community sentiment and conversations. The team investigated and found actual issues. We’ll be fixing them, and we’ll have more 2XP events in the future.”

This means zombies players will need to wait patiently for the chance to grind 2XP boosts and upgrade their guns.