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Modern Warfare Dec 31 patch notes – new mode, playlist update, more

Published: 31/Dec/2019 18:45 Updated: 31/Dec/2019 19:30

by Albert Petrosyan


Call of Duty developers Infinity Ward have released one final Season 1 update for Modern Warfare in 2019, and it introduced a new multiplayer mode, bringing back the fan-favorite Shoot House 24/7 playlist, and more.

The launch of Season 1 in Modern Warfare on December 3 marked the start of what has been the biggest post-launch content drop in Call of Duty history.

As part of that, Infinity Ward have released updates every week since then adding more Season 1 content. The December 31 update is a lot smaller than any of the previous ones, probably because all of the developers are off for the holidays.

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This patch has introduced the multiplayer game mode Grind, replacing Drop Zone, which was added in the December 24 update. It’s also brought back the ever-popular Shoot House 24/7 in place of the Shoot the Ship playlist.

A breakdown of this update is available below, including the official patch notes as provided by Infinity Ward.

Infinity WardThe fan-favorite Shoot House 24/7 playlist has been added back to Modern Warfare.

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New multiplayer mode – Grind

Not to be confused with the iconic Black Ops 2 DLC map of the same name, Grind is a multiplayer game mode in Call of Duty that was first introduced in Ghosts and then featured again in Infinite Warfare.

It’s very similar to Kill Confirmed, except instead of getting points right away when collecting enemy tags, players must first deposit all of the tags they collect to an objective zone marked on the map, which rotates and is never in the same spot for too long.


The more tags someone collects, the more points they earn when finally ‘cashing them in.’ The danger of trying to collect too many tags before depositing, however, is that players drop all of the undeposited tags they’re carrying when eliminated, as well as an additional one for their own life.

Infinity WardGrind is very similar to Kill Confirmed except tags need to be deposited to earn points.

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Other playlist changes

The popular Shoot House 24/7 playlist has been brought back, replacing Shoot the Ship that had been featured for about a week.

Shoot House 2/47 has undoubtedly been the most popular playlist in Modern Warfare so far, and even after they combined it with Shipment for Shoot the Ship, it seems that they got enough feedback to bring it back.


The only other change in multiplayer was Snowfight being removed from the Gunfight. The variant, added on December 24, replaced weapons in snowballs in the 2v2 mode, so opposing players could only eliminate each other by hitting them with balls of snow.

Infinity WardSnowfight has been removed from the 2v2 Gunfight mode after just one week.

Modern Warfare Dec 31 patch notes

This is the final Modern Warfare update of 2019. While the release date for the next patch hasn’t yet been announced, it’ll likely be on January 7, 2020, following Infinity Ward’s schedule of releasing new Season 1 content every Tuesday.