Modern Warfare glitch lets player fight in third-person mode

Connor Bennett. Last updated: May 03, 2020
Infinty Ward

An accidental Call of Duty: Modern Warfare bug has let players play the popular Survival mode in third-person – giving fans a look at what other modes could look like in the future.

By nature, Call of Duty is a first-person shooter, but through the years, Infinity Ward has experimented with a few different things – including different looks and spins on traditional game modes.

All the way back in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, there were third-person modes like team tactical and cage match that, as the name suggests, let you step outside the usual first-person view. While that mode split opinion, some fans have been hoping that it would make a return at some point – and a new glitch has made it possible.

Infinity Ward
Third-person mode is something that plenty fans have been craving.

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The third-person mode look was posted by Reddit user Tkade14, who noted that the accidental change had come while they were playing Survival mode on the Shoot House map. 

As the Redditor ran around the map, knifing the enemies that stood in their way, the game looked a bit more like Assasins Creed than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. There was even a ‘waiting for revive’ animation that looked like it was straight out of Warzone. 

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The different perspective was so intriguing that players even praised it for how fluid it actually looked – giving the impression that elements of third-person mode could very well be in the files. While that is obviously unknown, it would certainly give Infinity Ward the scope to add a third-person spin onto modes like Warzone battle royale in order to keep things fresh. 

Obviously, if that is something that they have in the works is unknown – a whole host of upcoming limited-time modes were recently leaked and a third-person mode wasn’t mentioned in the list.

Though, seeing the support from some fans from this accidental sneak peek, it might be something that the developers want to take a look at later down the line.