Modern Warfare 2 players furious as “busted” one-hit Shotgun is ruining matches

cod operator firing kv broadside shotgun in modern warfare 2Activision

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 introduced several new weapons, but one is drawing the spotlight due to its one-shot potential at long range, with players calling it “toxic”.

After a reasonable delay, Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 launched and dropped a boatload of new changes and additions into the game.

Some were happily welcomed with open arms such as the big change made to weapon sights and the introduction of the ISO Hemlock AR. Other changes did not go down as well such as the sudden removal of killcams and the “ridiculous” changes made to Battle Pass progress.

Another Season 2 addition that has caused a stir is the new Shotgun – the KV Broadside. After only a brief stint in the game, players already believe that it could be the most OP Shotgun in the game.

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KV Broadside Shotgun is “busted” in Modern Warfare 2 Season 2

Modern Warfare 2 Reddit user thinks that the KV Broadside is “kinda toxic and busted” and justified their point via a short clip in which they absolutely tore it up in the Shoot House map.

With the Shotgun in hand and a UAV activated, they decimated four enemy players in just over 15 seconds and the weapon was just one-shotting everyone for fun.

It’s no secret that Shotguns under the right circumstances can be absolutely deadly in Call of Duty games – as they should be, they’re Shotguns after all.

“This one is extra toxic because of how fast its mobility is, how fast its fire rate is, and the fact it has 1-shot potential. It’s insane,” said one comment.

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Another user thinks that it’s the perfect accompaniment for CoD’s DMZ mode: “Oh yeah, throw a silencer on it and you can meticulously clear compounds without alerting reinforcements. I run that with a backup AR and just wipe whole POIs off the map.”

Aside from its regular capabilities, it seems that equipping a certain type of ammo can make the weapon even more troublesome.

“Try to use Dragon Breath. Typically it’s not useful for other Shotguns, but for KV, it can literally blind them. Even if at range you need 5+ shots to kill, doesn’t matter. They’re not gonna kill you and you’ll win because they can’t see anything. Just pick Dragon’s Breath and spam like crazy while strafing. It never fails,” suggested a player.

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On the other hand, some players think a nerf be called for: “As a Shotgun user I absolutely love it. Yes, it needs a small nerf but that can wait until I get another 101 kills for my final camo mastery kills for the 1000 kills.”

New weapons usually enter Call of Duty games with a ton of fuss, and it’s no surprise to see that already being the case in Modern Warfare 2 Season 2. It might be one of the reasons that Twitch numbers for the game have massively increased once again.