Modern Warfare 2 players hit out at “ridiculous” Battle Pass progression in Season Two

MWII logo on Battle Pass from Season TwoActivision

Modern Warfare 2 players have criticized the “ridiculous” Season Two Battle Pass progression system, questioning how casual players are able to level up sufficiently. 

Season Two of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 dropped back on February 15, bringing a huge amount of changes to the battle royale and the annual installment. 

From a traditional hardcore mode to a much-anticipated Ranked Play, there’s huge amounts for MW2 players to delve into. 

Naturally, Season Two also brought a new Battle Pass for players to level up and work through. 

However, the leveling up speed has changed considerably since Season One, to the point where it appears to be half as fast. That hasn’t gone down well with players, who have labeled the decision “ridiculous” and questioned how most players can possibly reach Tier 100. 

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MW2 and Warzone 2 Season Two Battle Pass progression labeled “ridiculous” 

In a February 16 Reddit post, one player asked “WTF is this Battle Pass progression system?”

They went on to explain that they played for 45 minutes and unlocked 1 point to use towards Battle Pass progression. 

“At that rate it will take me 63.75 hours of play time to unlock the rest of the BP…with only 53 days left,” they said. “How is this doable for a casual player who doesn’t play everyday?”

Another post was along the same lines, stating that Battle Pass progression is half as fast as it was in Season One. In short, it will take players twice as long to max out their Battle Pass in Season Two than it did in Season One. 

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One player labeled it as “ridiculous”, while a host of players simply said they wouldn’t even try and complete the Season Two Battle Pass because it’s not worth the time investment for the rewards on offer. 

Others, though, did argue it was an attempt to rectify the fact that Season One’s Battle Pass was too easy to complete. 

It’s certainly a difficult line for Infinity Ward to tread but, with Season Two well underway, players will have to make do with the new progression system for now.