How to get Damascus $50k dog tag in Warzone 2 DMZ

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Spotted the new Damascus dog tag worth $50k in Warzone 2 DMZ and want to get your hands on it? Well, here’s what you need to know. 

When the DMZ mode for Warzone 2 was first announced, plenty of Call of Duty fans were excited about having their own high-stakes, Escape from Tarkov-esque mode to play around with. 

While it hasn’t become as popular as the battle royale side of things, DMZ has already cultivated a dedicated community and has already taken a few steps forward in Season 2

That has been helped by the introduction of new dog tags for the dog tags system, which allow players to tick off missions and make even more cash than normal in Al-Mazrah. 

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How to unlock rare $50k Damascus dog tag in DMZ

The biggest of these new dog tags is the Damascus level, which is worth $50,000 for your DMZ kitty. That’s double the gold dog tag that is worth $25,000 and is unlocked after racking up at least five successful exfils. 

To get your hands on the Damascus tag, you’ve got to go one step further and complete the successful exfil streak. You need 10 successful exfils from DMZ, and you’ll be given the rare $50k dog tag. 

Some players have already spotted them in the wild and managed to snag them off their enemies, so don’t expect to have a world first or anything like that. 

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Warzone 2 DMZ dog tag values

As noted, there are a few other dog tags in DMZ now that relate to your exfil streak, ranging from bronze all the way up to Damascus. 

They each increase a fair bit in value once you reach the next dog tag, so try and get those exfil streaks going instead of just trying to ruin someone else’s day.

  • $2.5k Bronze Dog Tag – 1 successful exfil streak
  • $5k Silver Dog Tag – 2 successful exfil streak
  • $25k Gold Dog Tag – 5 successful exfil streak
  • $50k Damascus Dog Tag – 10 successful exfil streak

These values could change as time goes on, and if that happens, we’ll update this article. So, be sure to check back for more!