Modern Warfare 2 players frustrated by Campaign early access launch issues

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Modern Warfare 2 Campaign early access opened up for players on October 20, but many have been left disappointed when the start time arrived.

The MW2 Campaign soft launch was one of the most highly anticipated pre-release date moments, with thousands of people around the world waiting to jump in.

Fans have been able to pre-load the Campaign if they wished, looking forward to jumping in and getting some early rewards before it comes out on October 28.

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However, early access has started off with some turbulence, leaving many frustrated.

Steam issues on MW2 Campaign early access day

On Steam, it was reported by DownDetector – a UK-based website monitoring outages and posting user complaints – that there was a spike in reports of Steam connectivity issues on the day of launch.

The page said: “User reports indicate problems at Steam.”

Twitter users have also been posting about not being able to access the Campaign, despite it being released.

DownDetector reported Steam was having issues on October 20.

Twitter users on MW2 Campaign early access

It looks like the issue is not solely with Steam, though, as Xbox and PlayStation players are also failing to load up the story mode.

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Twitch streamer KRNG Deano said: “Anybody else having trouble downloading MW2 Campaign on Steam?”

They mentioned an error saying “Connection time out” appearing on the screen.

Turns out, a lot more people have had similar trouble, with ProReborn replying: “Same.”

Another tweet from Manicmaster said: “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 early access to Campaign is not working for me.”

A fourth user tweeted, saying Xbox is telling them they are trying to play “too early” on Microsoft’s console.

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For those struggling with the game on PlayStation, one player thinks they have found the answer.

Some users have reported that they have solved the problem by deleting and re-installing the add-ons for the early access Campaign content.

Hopefully, these issues will straighten out and members of the community can dive into the story in no time.

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