Modern Warfare 2 devs finally make long-awaited camo changes in March 21 update

Ryan Lemay
Polyatomic camo in Modern Warfare 2.

Infinity Ward released a small update for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, making bug fixes, improving server stability, and finally giving players two long-awaited camo features.

Infinity Ward received harsh criticism for its handling of camos in Modern Warfare 2. Players slammed the camo UI as the “worst in CoD history.” The developers responded in Season 2 by improving the navigation and organization of player-unlocked camos.

The seasonal update also increased the animation speed of the Polyatomic camo, as some community members argued it wasn’t fast enough. Players praised a step in the right direction, and the developers weren’t done there.

Let’s jump right into a few unannounced changes as part of the March 21 update.

Players discover Polyatomic and Orion camo changes

The Orion Camo in Modern Warfare 2.
Orion is the final camo unlock in Modern Warfare 2.

On March 21, Infinity Ward released a small update, which fixed server crashes and made several bug fixes. Notably, the devs fixed an issue that prevented players from unlocking stock attachments on the Tempus Torrent, an infinite menu loading problem, and an issue holding players back from completing weapon challenges.

Modern Warfare 2 YouTuber KRNG Hero discovered the update also secretly animated the Polyatomic camo.

Community members praised the decision, and one fan responded, “finally, they got something right.”

That wasn’t the only surprise, as Spartan CS posted a video of a faster Orion animation speed.

Community members once again rejoiced, but not everyone loved the camo design.

“Orion needs to be brighter, and it would be a top 3 camo, but it’s just not good if the light doesn’t hit it right.”

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 March 21 patch notes

Here are the full MW2 and WZ2 March 21 patch notes


  • Stability
    • This update contains fixes for a number of known crashes. 


  • Fixed an issue that sent Players back to the “My Bundles” tab when closing a Bundle preview without making a purchase 
  • Fixed an issue that counted AI combatant headshots for Event Camo Challenges
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Players from unlocking all stocks on the Tempus Torrent
  • Fixed an issue with disappearing buttons in one of the Atomgrad Raid Episode 01 encounters
  • Fixed an issue showing completed weapon challenges as locked when viewed from the Weapon Challenges screen
  • Fixed an issue that showed duplicate lock icons in the Path of the Ronin challenges 
  • Fixed an issue disabling “Mute All” if a new Player joins mid-match
  • Fixed an exploit in DMZ allowing Players to obtain an unintended amount of money buy selling Dog Tags
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Wasteland” challenge progress to only track Quad Feed kills and not Quad kills
  • Fixed an issue affecting Players’ ability to edit saved Custom Mod Blueprints in the Gunsmith
  • Fixed an issue causing the magazine to not display on the Unchained Fury Blueprint in DMZ
  • Fixed an issue where using the Equip Weapon and Open Gunsmith options in the Showcase Weapon Select while the Favorite Loadout Primary is set to the Riot Shield can cause menus to load infinitely 
  • Fixed an issue with Faction Missions list positioning in pre-game Lobby
  • The Kastov 762 is now hidden in the Ranked Play loadout UI.