Absurd new Warzone glitch is giving players unlimited respawns

Brad Norton
Warzone player dropping back into Verdansk

If you’ve ever wanted to stay in the same Warzone lobby forever, you’re now able to do just that thanks to a ridiculous Call of Duty bug that’s giving battle royale players unlimited respawns.

From Fortnite to Apex Legends, the genre-defining Battle Royale games all share one common trait. If you die, you’re out of the match for good, unless a teammate is able to bring you back to life.

Warzone has its unique Gulag system that allows you to earn a second chance at glory. But beyond that, once you’re down and out it’s usually time to leave and find another lobby. With 150 players in a typical match, games can come and go relatively quickly. Though what if they never had to end?

A bizarre new issue plaguing the Infinity Ward title is keeping players in one instance of Verdansk indefinitely. No matter how many times players are wiped out, a glitch is providing unlimited respawns so they can immediately drop back in.

With the safe zone shrinking in a July 27 game, Reddit user ‘b6109’ was left to fend for themselves against 17 remaining players. However, before long that number soon began climbing. Despite the Gulag being shut for the final section of the match, enemies were still continuing to flood back into the map.

Regardless of how many players they killed, nor how many times they died, the lobby stayed just as populated. Operators continued to parachute back down even after gas had completely taken over Verdansk.

There’s no telling exactly what led to the endless glitch in Warzone. For all we know, that instance could still be going right now. So long as at least two players stay in the game, it theoretically could continue until the servers eventually go offline.

It might seem like nothing more than a good laugh at first. However, it actually proved to be an effective way of padding statistics. “I usually average 6/15 kills on Solos,” the player said. “This game finished on 27 kills.”

Call of Duty Warzone Gulag battle
Even if you lose your Gulag 1v1 this glitch could still bring you back to life.

From completing individual challenges to unlocking certain weapon camos, an endless deathmatch could be just what some players need. This bug occurred in a solo matchup but it could always spread to other playlists as well.

Infinity Ward is yet to address the issue so keep your eyes peeled moving forward. Players could be instantly dropping back in after you wipe them out in Warzone.