Major change to CWL ruleset to prevent teammate glitch ahead of 2K tournament

. 4 years ago

With the second CWL 2K of Black Ops 4 coming up, two major changes have been made to the ruleset following the first tournament.

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The first change is to reverse the temporary restriction on scorestreaks in Search and Destroy, which was put in place for the November 4 2K due to a glitch allowing players to retain progress after dying by switching classes.

This exploit was fixed in the November 6 update, allowing scorestreaks to be re-enabled in Search and Destroy for the upcoming 2K, meaning we can avoid any controversial situations we saw during the European tournament.

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The second rule change is more impactful however, as it attempts to circumvent a glitch which Treyarch is still to address, affecting both Search and Destroy and Control.

This is the infamous teammate glitch, where for the duration of a round, your teammates will incorrectly show as enemies, and enemies as teammates. This means your teammates have red names, and enemies have blue – but worse still, causes you to have no aim assist on enemy players, as the game treats them as teammates.

It has been discovered that this glitch is in some way caused by the ‘best play’ killcam, which replaces final killcam in Search and Destroy in Black Ops 4. As a result, best play is now disabled.

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This means that we won’t see any ridiculous moments like this 5-5 loss caused by a seeker mine attacking a teammate, in the November 11 2K.

On the other hand, it indicates that we may not see a fix for this teammate glitch before the 2K, although we can still be hopeful, considering that the rule change at least means Treyarch must be aware of the issue and its cause.

The next CWL 2K tournament for APAC, EU and NA begins on November 11, with the North American and European brackets completed on November 12. 

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