MadCat, Joshh and Dqvee react to their controversial CWL 2K elimination

European Call of Duty pro players Dylan ‘MadCat’ Daly, David ‘Dqvee’ Davies and Joshua-Lee ‘Joshh’ Sheppard have reacted to their controversial elimination from the CWL 2K Series tournament, where they were forced to forfeit a round in the final Search and Destroy of their quarterfinal match-up. 

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MadCat’s team were taking on Shea “QwiKeR” Sweeney’s new roster, when Dqvee called in a Lightning Strike in an attempt to eliminate the final two remaining enemy players during Round 10 of the final map of the series.

Unfortunately, Dqvee had forgotten that the use of killstreaks in Search and Destroy was recently banned by the CWL, meaning that he and his squad were forced to forfeit the round, bringing the score to 5-5.

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With Dqvee’s Lightning Strike failing to kill any enemies, and the position of Qwiker known after he took out Joshh, MadCat and his squad felt they shouldn’t have to forfeit a round, and were even more upset when Team Qwiker went on to win Round 11 and eliminate their squad.

Madcat aimed his annoyance at Team QwiKeR’s Dylan “Dylan” Henderson , who the former Splyce man described as a ‘gremlin’, claiming that he was: “One of them kids that do the paper round on his sisters bike with stabilizers.”

Dqvee, who made the unfortunate error that cost his team the round, stated that he had put on “an absolute clinic” after managing to find 17 kills, simply calling the decision to forfeit them a round “a shame.”

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Meanwhile, Joshh and Dylan got into a heated argument, with Joshh calling the Northern Irishman “shite” and telling him that he hoped the decision to forfeit them was “worth it.”

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While Sheppard and Daly seemed to be placing the blame on Team QwiKeR’s Dylan for making the decision, he took to Reddit to defend their choice to force Team MadCat to forfeit the round, and confirmed that all five members of Team QwiKeR had agreed on the verdict. 

Unfortunately for MadCat and his teammates, their loss spelled the end of their 2K run. However, DQWWN’s tournament isn’t over yet, as they are scheduled to face off against SunnyB and his squad in the semifinals.

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