JGOD shows why Warzone’s new Tempered perk is better than Ghost

Alex Garton
JGOD Tempered perk
YouTube: JGOD

While Ghost and Overkill have dominated the perk 2 slot in Warzone since the game’s release, YouTuber JGOD has revealed that it may be worth running Tempered instead if you’re an aggressive player.

Whether you’re a fan of the Krig 6’s low recoil or the Kar98k’s lethality at long-range, it’s likely you’ve been using either Overkill or Ghost alongside your loadout.

For countless Warzone Seasons, these have been the only two options worth running in the perk 2 slot.

Well, following the Season 5 update, there are two new perks that have been introduced into the game, with Tempered being the new rival for Overkill and Ghost.

While a lot of players have overlooked this armor-related perk, JGOD is convinced that it can be better than Ghost if you’re an extremely aggressive player.

Tempered perk Call of Duty
The Ghost perk will still be a better option for passive players.

JGOD explains why Tempered is perfect for aggressive players

The Tempered perk allows players to fully restore their armor with two plates instead of the usual three. While this may seem like a relatively minor ability at first, JGOD explains how significant it could be when two aggressive players push each other.

After doing a few tests, JGOD noted that the typical full armor up takes around 5.6 seconds, whereas with Tempered it only takes 4 seconds.

As he explains, this could be the difference-maker in a confined building after an aggressive push on an enemy. With both players looking to armor up, the one with Tempered will have a huge advantage in the gunfight.

Of course, this only applies if you’re a player looking to take skirmishes and close-range duels.

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Overall, JGOD explains that the best perk out of Ghost, Overkill, and Tempered all comes down to personal preference and playstyle. If you’re not an aggressive player, there’s really no reason to run the new perk when Ghost can shield you from enemy radars.

Despite this, the YouTuber did reveal that Tempered will always be strong on Plunder, as players usually only spawn in with two plates, so having the extra armor will always be worth it.

The best way to see if the perk is for you is to jump into game and try it out for yourself, it may just become your go-to for the perk 2 slot.