Aydan slams Warzone balance tuning for MP5 after August 16 patch update

Alan Bernal
ANDBOX / Activision

Warzone star Aydan slammed the latest balance changes to Modern Warfare’s MP5 in the battle royale after the August 16 update gave it some hefty nerfs.

The MP5 has been a fan-favorite in Warzone, but the MW submachine gun could see itself out of most loadouts with the latest round of tuning that also impacted the AS VAL, Fennec, and more in the last update.

Of course, one of Warzone’s biggest stars wasn’t too pleased that the gun got railed by the August 16 patch update, and sounded off hours after its launch.

“MP5 nerfed?” Aydan said. “Whoever made that decision should be fired. The gun was ONLY good close range and it wasn’t even meta.”

The popular SMG had its damage ticked down from 34 to 31, while also decreasing its max damage range by a whopping 5.4%. While its damage multiplier to the upper torso got slightly improved to 1.1, from 1.0, it’s clear that the devs wanted to tame the beast.

“This change is intended to place some of the power of the Submachine Gun Charlie (MW) behind a mechanical requirement – making it a little less forgiving,” the Warzone patch notes said.

While Aydan claimed the gun wasn’t quite meta in its former state, it was nonetheless incredibly popular. After replacing its Black Ops counterpart in viability, MW’s MP5 was (once again) one of Warzone’s best SMG classes.

The MW MP5 is a popular gun in Warzone, and it’ll be interesting to see if it stays that way after the latest nerfs.

Other than that, it was easily one of the most nostalgic weapons in the Warzone arsenal that probably had a lot of people using it as a tried-and-true option.

Raven Software will surely be monitoring the state of the MP5 after the August 16 patch, and we’ll see if they decide a revert to its earlier strength is in the cards for the future.